Does anyone have experience with the Wonderfest?  

We have an opportunity to participate and I was looking for feedback.  It's moved this year indoors (thankfully), to the Novi Suburban Collection Showplace.

If you have participated in the show previously I'd love to hear your pros and cons.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Thanks Connie.  The show started in 2010 I believe and was held outdoors until this year.  It is being promoted by Integrity Shows.  I participate in the Funky Ferndale show they produce and love it - but I am questioning how many retail/non art vendors there may be in this new venue. 


    I appreciate your help,


    • Right, Integrity Shows, run by Mark Loeb. I've worked on projects with Mark and it sounds spoke to him a little while ago and he mentioned this event. I have no idea who/what the other exhibitors will be but I'd think Mark would be good for a conversation about what he plans to do and you should give him a call. The venue is very nice and it is easy to do a show there. I think they may have replaced the fall Great Lakes Art Fair with this Wonderfest, which may in turn bring some of those exhibitors to take part in this. You have Mark's contact info, don't you?

      • I do, and just shot him an email.  Thanks Connie!

    • Yes - it is an Intergity Show! I can't do it that weekend for it collides with our holiday party...

  • Kelli, who is promoting the show? Is it an older event that has moved to this location?

    I have not participated, but know the owners of the venue, and a good bit about their management. Get back to me and I'll see what blanks I can fill in.

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