Just wondering, do you ever go to the top art festivals websites to see who got into the show? Recently the Cherry Creek published the gallery for this year's show held in July in Denver. Maybe you applied and did, or didn't, get in. It is useful to see who is in the show, compare your images to what you see online and plan accordingly. It is most useful for getting an idea of what a top show will look like and what this year's jurors liked.


Here's the link: http://cherryarts.org/artists/artist-gallery


What do you think? Do you think you could make the cut?

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  • Back to the question at hand, did I check out the accepted artists at the top shows.  Yes, even shows I didn't apply to. Shows that put up slides of accepted artists are to be commended.  It is the best look at what accepted work photos look like.  It's a place to go and study the photography, composition, lighting and gives you a good idea of how to improve the look of your own jury images if you're going to compete on a level playing field.  After all that, only then do you have to ask yourself the cruel, hard question, is your work as good as the work that was accepted to the show you're looking at.  For a lot of us, the answer is yes but we just didn't make it in this year.  For some others, well all I can say, there's another time for your work as you gain skills and improve your work, so sometime in the future may be your time.



  • I checked it out, but I didn't see my name there. Huh. Must've missed me by mistake. 

  • Yes I do for my medium, leather. Read the fiber section of CCAF this morning. Lots about the cultural/ historic use of natural fiber, but no where was leather, one of man's oldest fibers, even mentioned. No leather artists this year. Not many leather experts or jurors at the hig end of this business as art.
    • Here is a leatherworker who scores lots of the big shows: Steve Edgar, http://www.edgarleather.com/

      Alberto & Marcella Toro also regularly are in the top shows... looks like their site is down for construction right now.

      • www.thomasleatherstudio.com

        His purses are works of art and his belts are great.  

        • Thanks for posting about other leather workers. When I have time, I search the Internet to see what the rest of the world is doing. Take time to check out my web site www.sherersaddlesinc.com as we are worlds apart and also similar in the techniques and materials we are using. Don't know how many silver mounted spur straps I would sell at shows east of Nebraska LOL, but on the other hand wealthy people tend to own horses.
          • Wonderful work.  You are fortunate to know your geographic market.  

  • The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has their accepted artists up for your viewing also. Here is that link: http://www.arts-festival.com/cpfaartists/index.php
  • Here's a video of one of the rainstorms Michael mentioned.


    Don't set up in the gutter....nor block with stuff. The stuff will either become a dam or be washed away.



  • I always look. My category is relatively small (wood) and it's rare I don't recognize a name in the group. When I don't get into a show to which I've applied, looking at the participating wood guys usually tells the story. I either fit the mix of what appealed to that set of jurors or not. On occasion I'll see something that gives me a "well huh" moment but not often. As I've always said "If there weren't enough good artists out there to fill a show, we wouldn't need a jury." As long as I maintain a pretty good batting average for getting into shows (like above .600) I have no complaints.


    PS Good luck Paul...........grrrrrrrrr  ;-)

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