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I've been doing shows for about four years now - photography has been my medium and I have a good show setup, good booth shot, etc. My booth shot looks professional and full, if you know what I mean. 

But ... sometime this year I want to change mediums for one or two shows if I can. A switch from photography to encaustic, which is, like photography, mostly framed and hanging on the walls of my tent. 

The question I have is whether I need an entirely new booth shot for the application. It's a question of not knowing what the jury is looking for. 

Are they looking for whether I have enough art to fill a booth ... or that I actually have a tent and know how to present it professionally? Or both?

I kinda hate to set up a booth just for my new medium - especially as how some of the deadlines are in January and I'm in Michigan. 

Anyone have advice or experience here? 

Thanks all! ~ Fletcher 

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For any decent shows you'll have to have a new booth shot.  Encaustic (wax based painting?) is very different in appearance then photography because of it's rich texture.  The consistency in framing isn't enough.  Jurors use the booth display to determine scale of the work and to see that your body of work in the booth is consistent with the images that you are applying with.

Good luck!

Dennis Angel

Yes.  Entirely different medium.  You need a different booth shot for that if it's a juried show...and usually a separate application for it.

Hi Fletcher,

The jury is looking for a professional booth, and that the individual images match the ones in your booth. Any yes, they will blow up your booth if they see a discrepancy. Encaustic is usually considered mixed media. So you will need separate everything. Not having the same work in your pics and the booth will get you eliminated from a quality, competitive show.... Hope others that create encaustic works might add their experience too.


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