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I'm working on the summer's schedule and would appreciate info on this promoter's shows.

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I do just about all of Castleberry's shows. Some are excellent, and some are average. They have done their best to eliminate the B/S that was creeping into their shows, but nobody's perfect and some does slip by. But not enough to affect the overall show. Space fees run from about $225 to $500 depending on the show. Average is about $350. And they know how to advertize. They have their own sign shop and place large readable signs miles away from the show, and advertize on the local radio stations. Terry's motto is: "Early to bed, early to rise. Advertize! Advertize! Advertize!"

Chris & Terry do about 15 or so shows per year. Most are outdoors. And they go on in rain or snow. I have seen both. The summer shows cater to the vacationers and tourists in New England, so we either have what they want or we don't. Most of their summer shows are in New Hampshire which is great as there's no sales tax or income tax in New Hampshire, so no paperwork at all. They have a large show in Gloucester, MA which is America's oldest seaport. My canopy opens up in the back to the harbor with the lobstermen pulling up their traps about 150 feet away.

Sales? During the summer I average about $2500 per show with the exception of Alton Bay, where last year we did over $4500. Their best show is in Salem, NH the weekend before Thanksgiving. $5,000 is not uncommon. Those figures represent sales when it doesn't rain. Rain can kill a show in New England. The tourists stay home.

If you're looking to summer in New England, Castleberry shows are a GREAT way to pay for the summer vacation. A hot day in northern New England is 85 degrees. That's when you see the locals jumping in the rivers to cool off.

But if you're a jeweler, forget it. That catagory fills up for all the shows within a week after their schedule is posted online, usually the end of January.

Hope this helps.
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the detailed and speedy response to my question.
I do 2D mixed media, my prices range from $20 to $1,500. Lately most of my sales are in the $20 to $350 range.
The work has a very contemporary look and is based lately on interpretations of Psalms.
You can see examples of my work at
I guess my most important question is how will this type of art be received by the public that attend these shows.
Basically I'm asking if the presence of a psalm in the artwork will not be deterring.
I understand that in this business nothing is for sure. I would like your learned opinion on the subject.


I can't really answer your question as to whether or not psalms will sell. How are you doing at the shows you already do?

Castleberry caters to tourists at many of their summer shows, so every show is a crapshoot. The tourists are generally from the Boston area.

Have you looked at their website?

Go to the photos area and look at what type of exhibitor they have. Please remember, it's an arts and crafts show, not a fine art show. You'll sell more of your $20+ items than your $1500 items by a long shot. If you're looking for something a little more into the finer area, there's Craftproducers out of Vermont.
They're a fine art/fine craft promoter and their manchester, VT shows in August and October are excellent.

If you need any info about New England in General there are a few of us here who know the area quite well.
Thanks Chris,
could you give me the names of a few 2D artists from that area?


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