• Go for it. I rarely have cash sales. My least expensive item is $45 - my most expensive $1350.

    Sold about 15 originals last weekend with one cash sell and they wouldn't have minded if I asked for a card. I use Square.

    Depends a bit on your price points. I used to have price points as low as $25 and those tended to get a fair amount of cash sales.

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  • My last show was last weekend (in a university town with about 100K population) and I didn't even have one single customer offer or ask about cash. It was a decent day, and card sales were 100% of all transactions.

  • I didn't find it to be an issue (Nov. 2020 thru May 2021 shows). Used my hand sanitizer after every sale. Put cash in old makeup bag (that aught to kill germs). Besides, 90% of my sales are by card.


  • For studio sales everything not local is credit card or PayPal. Locals, especially rural folks pay cash, and sometimes beer or loads of manure. Urban use credit card and checks. I'm a gardner and dont have horses anymore.


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