I recently bought a canopy from Big Lots that is advertised as a commercial grade canopy with side walls for 149.00. It is not a bad canopy except for the grommet holes on the top which is eight altogether on each side, so I wrote to the company and asked what they were for and was told that these are rain holes and are to distract the rain and that the product is fine. I was just wondering if any one else has heard of this on a canopy. It is a 10 x 10 by the way, I am thinking that this is going to let water in.

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  • Grommet holes on the top to "distract" rain...? Commercial Grade for $149 ..? I have never heard or seen anything like that before. My trimline has grommets on the side panels at the bottom and they are for securing the sides to the sta-bars...but on top...? I think they were joking with you. Sounds like a good place for some major leaks. I would call 911

    • yeah I took it back, and they had more like it that was set up for home use style, at first I thought it was a defect now I know it is not.

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