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I must weigh in. Just set up new website and use Made by Minimal theme "Eames." I love the clean minimalist look. Brian at is very helpful as I am absolutely NOT techy. Have the portfolio pages I want, the separate blog and separate SHOP for prints, aka reproductions. I figured out Wordpress and Woocommerce pretty well within what I need. Use Paypal and that works for sales. Yes the theme costs $100 per year but I feel when things go haywire I can email, even on a Sunday and get an answer. 

Host is Siteground. I find them easy to call and talk to anytime. Works for me. 

Jan at

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We use other people’s pixpels OPP It’s designed for artist, super easy to use, cost $16 a month.

We just use our website as a gallery and to list our up coming shows. I have sold a few items off the website but that’s not what I wanted it for. I used OPP for 11 years with no problems of any kind. There website service can provide so much to an artist than I need.

We should be careful on these web site people.  I went with "Go Daddy".    Customers called me and asked when they were ever  going to receive their ordered pictures.  What??????    A look at Pay Pal told me that they indeed paid.    A Go Daddy person told me they don't send e mail notifications of orders just text messages. What??????     I can easily miss these.   After talking with management , their research showed  orders were going into an employees account and that the employee was not with them any more. The do send e mails of orders placed. Double check every thing.

Thanks for letting me know. I did an SSL check and it did not find the "mixed content" issue. I have a message into the web host to ask for help with Firefox issue. Do not get this message with other browsers (that I know of). 

I tested your site with both my Edge and Firefox browser.  No issues, security or otherwise.

hard to explain. “double yoi “ is worse unless you live in Pittsburgh. Even Google is sending experts here to learn the language. Whai I mean is I have no idea what the warning notes mean on your website post and im not smart enough to figgure it out

Honestly don't think it's worth hundreds of dollars to maintain a website. I use the website builder for mine and I only pay about 4.99 euros a month. That includes everything, by the way. With the domain, custom email address, website template, business features, etc.

I'm not particular on web design. Content is what matters to me more. So I don't really care if my website isn't visually appealing. 

Here's their site in case you wanna consider:


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