Is anyone selling to people overseas? Anything special I that you had to do ? I received an inquiry from someone who is overseas and wants to buy some of my plates and bowls for their gift shop. I've not done this before except tourists who purchased at my booth and I mailed their glass.

It is always helpful to find someone who has experience they are willing to share.

thanks, Chris

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  • Heck, they are back at me. Today's email:

    Re: Artwork Needed

    Thanks for the message,  I must tell you I intend to give my wife a surprise with the immediate purchase of the piece. Also If you'd like to know, I'm relocating to the Philippines soon and our wedding anniversary is fast approaching. So I'm trying to gather some good stuff to make this event a surprise one. I am buying Palette Peonies  90 s/n - 16" x 24" $725 as a gift to her. I'm okay with the price, I think it's worth it anyway, so I'll be sending a check.. As regarding shipping, you don't have to worry about that in order not to leave any clue to my wife for the surprise. As soon as you receive and cash the check, my shipping agent (who is also moving my personal effects) will contact you to arrange  pick-up.

  • My latest email looking to buy my art:

    My name is senior Sandy from Houston Texas . i actually observe my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece of work. i am also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too , you're doing a great job .i would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you. i am very much interested in the purchase of the piece [in the subject field above ] to surprise my wife .kindly get back to me if you accept cheque.
    Thanks and best regards
    Senior Sandy.

    What would you do?

  • I have to laugh.  Facebook is making a big deal out of their recent and coming changes to the site.  They are spinning it that now it is even easier to keep track of what your friends and family are doing.  The hidden part is that they are making it less private unless you change your profile to reflect that.  For instance, if you make a comment on someones FB page that you thought would only be read by that person, if they have opted to have their FB page public, everyone who is friends with that person will see that comment.  In turn, it will be easier for data miners, spam artists, and hackers to find out you exist.  Once you install Ghostery, you will notice that most of the companies that you will see in the Ghostery window will be either owned by Google or Facebook, which tells you that these are the big players in the data gathering industry.  This may or may not bother you.  To the extreme, governments, from time to time, have asked for, even demanded, so called anonymous data collected by Google, even the US government.  Google, as far as we know, have resisted giving up info that they have collected.  However, in the past Google was caught giving info to China.  I realize that this is far removed from our web site.  It's just something the think about.


    Ghostery is owned by Evidon.  From their mission statement(the key being the last line in the third paragraph):


    "Evidon is a new type of company that brings trust to online advertising by working as an intermediary between consumers, advertisers, industry self-regulatory programs, and government. Evidon helps consumers protect their privacy and keep quality content ad-supported and free. Neither Evidon nor any third party on their behalf is involved in the collection or sale of any data, behavioral or otherwise, for use in ad targeting. Evidon is not an advertising network or behavioral data collection service.

    Evidon provides technology that allows the online advertising industry to be more transparent in how they collect and use consumer data. In turn, they give consumers more control over their privacy online. We strongly believe that making disclosure more transparent will raise the quality of the entire online advertising industry by enabling advertisers to grow and innovate.

    We realize that this is an ambitious mission. There's going to be an acclimation period as people discover our service in the market and come to understand what we represent. We are a group of individuals from the privacy and technology fields, who believe very strongly that while advertising is here to stay - it powers the vast network of free information consumers rely on - it should not come at the price of an individual's right to privacy."

  • Connie, here is the link where you can get it for your particular browser, I use Firefox.  You can read and learn where and why you have trackers on this site. Most likely it comes from the ads or from the social networking links.  It isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • Count on it Christina, I had no idea these trackers were on this site... I won't try to sell you anything but maybe a tent or some insurance or a credit card account ;)

    So Barry, how do you get this "Ghostery"? should I just google it?

  • Keep in mind it isn't Connie who is tracking you.  It's Google and Facebook, which accesses the site through the servers or because of the links from this page. Notice the "Share" option at the top.  It links to Facebook and other social networking sites. This is really no big deal.  The amazing thing is that there are not more data mining sites.  Your ISP tracks where you go on the internet.  I believe, but I'm not sure of this, that your ISP is required to do this and to keep the records for a period of time in case the government wants to know what you are up to.  Also, Ghostery just tells you who is tracking you.  It doesn't prevent viruses and malware from getting on your hard drive.
  • I've posted this before but I'll do it here, again.  There is a small applet that blocks the big data miners from tracking where you go on the internet.  It's called Ghostery.  If you've often wondered where Google and Facebook get much of their income, it is from tracking you anonymously on the internet and selling that data to advertisers who use the information to target advertising to people like you.  Ghostery tracks the trackers and posts a small box in the upper right of the page you have just accessed, telling you who is keeping track of you.  For instance, on Art Fair Insiders there are 4 different data mining companies tracking you.  Two are owned by Google and two are owned by Facebook.  Ghostery calls them bugs and lets you block them.  There is a Ghostery applet for every browser that you use and there is a simple wizard to help you set it up if you are computer challenged.  I only have Ghostery block the "bugs."  You can also have Ghostery block cookies, but, I use Spybot S and D for that so no need to block cookies.  Sometimes, I will access a web site and there will be a blank page.  This occurs if the tracker is linked to the info on the page. For instance, I like checking the up to the minute baseball and football scores on  If I have CBS Interactive blocked, it doesn't show any info on the page, just a blank page. So, I uncheck CBS Interactive in the block list.  This is the only one that I have to unblock.


    Everyone should have proper virus software, malware blocking, firewall and you should back up your data at the very least once a month. Don't think that because you have a Mac that you are immune.  You may not get viruses but your accounts can be hacked and you can be tracked. 

    • Barry - thank you for telling me about Ghostery. I had no idea that even this site tracked me. I will share this information with my family, too. Regards, Christina
  • Getting hacked, hijacked, and attacked is a whole separate issue.  Sometimes it happens without you doing anything.  I have all the important safeguards on my computer, virus software, 3 types of malware programs, firewall, etc.  Just this week, I got an email saying that my Skype account email address had been changed to an email account in Taiwan(it had the .tw designation}.  When I accessed my Skype account and checked the profile info, I found out that my password had been stolen and my account was hijacked.  Funny thing, there was a money credit for international phone calls in British pounds.  Too bad I don't know anyone to call in Europe or Israel.  I could have used up all the cash.  I contacted Skype support via the chat function at their web site, changed the email address back to what it was, and changed the password to a more secure password.  I'm thinking, though, that I might be better off canceling the Skype account and setting up a new one.
  • As long as you didn't open any attachments, you should be fine. The spammers didn't get a bounce from your email, they may have had an auto-response that you opened it, and added you to a list of "good" addresses, but you are mostly likely safe from viruses.
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