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Many of us have experienced mechanical breakdown at least once, often more times, enroute to shows.  Doing this for our careers, we drive many tents of thousands of miles each year getting to our events, miles that in addition to putting wear on us, put wear and tear on our vehicles. When those breakdowns occur, they are rarely in any place that would qualify as "convenient". And even if a relatively simple fix, the repairs are typically not "simple".

My purpose in writing this is to see if ArtFairInsiders would consider creating a section where we could put our personal experiences, good, bad or indifferent with repair people and companies, to help our fellow artists.  Perhaps turn that information into a 'phone book' of repair people highly recommended. Where perhaps when our next breakdown occurs, rather than blindly going online and randomly selecting a repair place ("Oh, I like the sound of their name!") we can help guide others based on our experiences, guiding others towards good and quick solutions.

If so, I would like to submit this company that helped me out this past weekend in Madison.  Amidst cold temps and winds, they sent someone out early Monday morning, diagnosed the problem quickly and accurately (after another repair person had spent the better part of 2-days trying buy not fixing all the entire problem and charging a rather massive repair bill).

The company is:

M&J Truck and Auto Repair - 2201 South Stoughton Rd., Madison, WI 53716 - (608) 221-0526 - website: The repair person who came out was Jeremy.  Tons of experience, very logical and perceptive, diagnosed the problem in 20 minutes, went and got the part, installed it and - voila!  Was soon on my way. And warming up.

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This is a great idea. I recently had the transmission go out in my truck while in Memphis at a show. Not only was the Mechanic great  ( Parrish Transmission in Memphis ) my tow truck driver was excellent as well he made sure I was safe. After dropping my truck off he drove me to the uhaul to rent a truck. When I got back to the transmission place all the guys helped me unload my truck and reload the uhaul. They made an impossible problem not seem so big. 

Thanks for adding your experience, Kendra.  If you have the tow truck folks' contact info - that is another big help as tows are costly.  Anything you can add - much appreciated!

To some receipt checking but the towing company was Flag City Towing. 

I have had AAA for many years and have thePlus+ extended service that will tow for 200 miles free. They also have a list of repair services that are fair and reputable. 

Good peace of mind in addition to fast service...

Same here. And since my complete schedule is within that 200 mile radius, I'm good.

But I also have a network of friends who I do shows with that are dependable in case of emergency. I have their contacts as they do mine.

Out of curiosity - is your policy - personal - or - business?   My experience with the insurance companies I use (Geico, USAA, Progressive) is business vehicles are not covered - only personal.  


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