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Hello everyone,


I just joined up and have been thinking about taking the plunge into art fairs.  I don't think I'll be doing any this year as I don't think I have the inventory built up yet that will do myself justice at a show.  I'm a wood worker, making alot of small things like pens, pencils, bowls, pepper mills, cutting boards, wine stoppers, ect... I have done some furniture... and hope to do more.  I use alot of exotic woods and was shocked when I learn how much variety exists inside of different trees!


I'm trying to reach out to more people with my items and am researching different local art fairs so that I can visit them and see what they are really like.  I'm in  the Detroit area and I know of a few that are around, but am always on the look out for a few more to visit.   I also started a blog this year to try to become more personal on the vast internet. 


Thanks for a place to share ideas and info!





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Welcome, Derek. There is a big world out here in the art fairs, with lots to visit in the Detroit area for sure. It is really important to get out and visit the shows, see what others are doing and look to find your niche. You might investigate the Russell Industrial Center downtown to see that arts incubator and meet some people. It sounds as though you are in love with wood and that can run the whole gamut, as you have said from pens to one of a kind large pieces of furniture...enjoy the exploration.

Hi Derek, love you work. Welcome to Art Fair Insiders.  You have found a great site to explore and find out all kinds of interesting information.  Have fun building up your inventory and finding your way into the art fair world. So happy to have you join us. Take care,


Welcome Derek!

You mentioned pepper mills. There's an exhibitor around here (New England) who does nothing but pepper mills.  Small, large, etc. He finds as many different woods as he can and laminates them together and turns it. He now has people looking for him at the shows.  He's kinda known as the "Pepper Grinder Guy". He gets anywhere from $35 to over $350 depending on the woods used.

Good luck.

Chris in VT

Yeah, that is about my price range on peppermills too.  Laminated woods can have a nice look, and it allows you to use much thinner stock then finding and paying for a 3x3x12 or larger block of wood.


I originally wanted to be a "pen guy" and only do those, however I have a sickness that prevents me from being content making 1 thing and gives me the constant desire to push myself to the next level.   That may not be the best idea when trying to selling things for a profit, as I need to set up differently to make other things, which can take up alot of extra time.  But time will tell I suppose!





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