Have done St. James Court for the last 6 years.  Did my time in the interior and then was moved to the grassy circle at the Magnolia end of the court. This looked (on paper) like a good spot but my booth faced the entrance to the interior booths and was not on the main drag so we only got about 1/3 of the traffic. After asking every year to be moved if something better opened up, they have now moved me to the short row of booths right inside the Hill Street entrance.  I am not happy as I don't think it is in the main traffic flow and we will only get the folks coming in from Hill Street.  Also, it looks like the worst spot for getting in and out for set-up and teardown.

   Has anyone out there been in this part of the court?  Is it as bad as I think or will I get a decent amount of traffic there?


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  • Thanks for your input - sounds like it may be better than I thought.  I will let you all know how it turns out for us.

  • I have always found that end to be quite crowded with people and many of the same exhibitors return there every year.

    • Ruth is right about that. I'm surprised there was even an opening in that area.

  • I think it is a better space than you had before, Cathy. We had a space for years on St. James not far from there and maybe you won't get all the traffic, but honestly, do you need to see everyone? Not to take this lightly, everyone deserves and wants a good space. But if this is your only alternative I'd think it is better than an interior court space. It has the added advantage of people just coming into the show will see you first and if you do your job well they'll remember you and then stop on the way out -- they'll have to pass you twice and on the way out they'll have to take something of yours with them.

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