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Booth location - do you keep the same spot every year? why or why not?

Is it generally to stay in the same spot at a large show or move to another spot after a few years?

Does staying in the same spot tend to make repeat customers pass you by after a few years?



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I tend to favor staying in the same spot, unless a better placed spot becomes available.  I have one show that I do and have gotten to be "friends" with the promoters.  They offered me a new booth this past fall.  It was in a more visible spot, closer to the front than where I was, and was a corner booth.  YES!  Sign me up please!  I found it a great spot.

Now, at this particular show, if you request a corner or end cap and one is available, there is an up-charge for that over and above the normal booth fee.  Since I did not initiate the request, I was not charged the up-charge.

Usually at this show, once you have a spot you are put there the next show unless you request a change.  I will not be requesting a change, as you can imagine.  I am not sure if I'll be assessed the up-charge this time.  My contract just became available online and need to check that out.

If you develop a following a change booth locations willy nilly, it can make it hard for your following to find you.  Moving does not necessarily mean (guarantee) that you'll get more warm bodies in your booth unless you are going from a poor location to a much better location.  Being at the front of the show, close to the entrance usually gets the response, "I just got here/got started so I am just looking."

It doesn't matter to me or my work, but I do request "same general area" and "cannot use corner".

If I have a good spot, I'm happy to be there.  My repeat customers know where to find me and I usually become friendly with my neighbors which leads to cementing friendships as I get to know them better.  Makes for more fun at the shows, and you can help each other when needed.

As long as I get a spot that isn't "hidden in the back" I'm okay. But I also have a friend who always gets the same spots because she says her customers know where to find her. It seems to work for her, although I imagine she doesn't ask for that same spot if it's bad!

I feel like  a lot of the time you don't even get the option to pick the same spot if you wanted it anyways. You need to jury back in in the first place... so I don't get too caught up in it.


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