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I did a show this weekend at a convention center in my city.  I set up 2 nights before the show.  The night before the show, one of the exhibit hall contractors ran into my booth with an electric cart, causing a wall to fall, and damaging over $1000 in product.  I filed a claim over the weekend, and contacted the contractor today.

Contractor's office asked me for my cost, wholesale cost, retail cost, etc.  I told him I don't wholesale, and that my items are hand crafted. He was insinuating that they will only reimburse me for my wholesale value, and not the retail value.  Since I didn't have a wholesale value. he stated he would discuss with a senior adjuster with his company.

I have never had an insurance claim such as this, and was wondering if this is normal.  I told him I expected retail value, and not wholesale, as this is the value I lost.

Any thoughts?

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No experience with this but I hope YOU are okay.  I am interested to see how all this falls out.

I would ask them if their Senior Adjuster would like to discuss it with your Senior Lawyer.

Careful what you wish for... In most instances and as required by law in most states,  the moment you mention the words Lawyer/Attorney to an insurance company you had better be ready to pony up for one. They are not allowed to speak to you by law after that point until you sign a waiver.

Don't you have insurance? If not, why?

Are you entitled to your profit on something you don't know whether or not would sell? The contractor's insurance will reimburse you for your cost of goods, aka "wholesale". But since you didn't buy to resell, it could be a sticky situation.

So I think the best you can hope for is 50% of the retail prices of your product. But you'll make a profit on that price too, and insurance isn't meant to give you a profit on your loss.

So how much did your destroyed work actually cost you?

I have insurance, but since they did the damage, I figured I would file a claim with their insurance.

Maybe I'm naive and I certainly don't know insurance laws, but is it really the case that they would charge the cost of goods on art?

That's almost mind boggling to think someone would merely recover the cost of a lump of clay or some acrylic paint and a canvas... seeing as how they could have many hours into a single piece of art they sell for hundreds of dollars. I mean, we're talking about a few dollars in "cost" for some mediums.

And what about found objects artisans? lol, I'm just being facetious here but I guess you probably see my point in how this is disheartening if it's actually run this way.

Bobby, I have had the same thoughts myself.

My medium is travertine tile coasters and trivets.  A set of 4 coasters sells for $28 but actual cost of goods, the tile and felt pads, is about $3.00.  Even in my medium that is a BIG difference.  Based on the inventory I usually take that can be upwards of $5000 sitting in my booth.  Then I have trivets, over $100 at retail, and so on.

It boggles me on one hand but then, on the other hand, insurance companies have to make money.  On the third hand, insurance companies have figured out how to get one over on the public with this sort of reimbursement scheme presented to us in the art/craft business.


When someone else is clearly in the wrong, I would never jump to be covered by MY OWN Insurance.  That should not be the go to.

Also... I would never settle for wholesale price in any way.  It is worth what someone would pay for it.  This was just their way to get her numbers down. Its ridiculous.

Forgot about this post.  Here is an update:

After much conversation with the contractor, I basically accepted their offer of "wholesale" cost reimbursement.  The last day of the show, the producers of the show, stopped by my booth to check in.  I mentioned the issue with them. They were disappointed in the contractors offer, and said they would discuss it with them.  

Long story short, within a week, I had my check for the full retail value of my product.

Tim, it is great news that you got full retail value of your products.  I am hoping and praying that none of us face damage to any of our products but your result is encouraging.

Thanks for coming in with this info, Tim. That is an amazing outcome. Congrats to you!

Who cut the check, the Contractor or their insurance company?


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