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As a newbie to art shows I am in the process of building my booth.  I am extremely impressed with the amount of ideas, advice, and help in these discussions!  I have learned so much and discovered so many ideas that are very helpful in my process.  After hours over the last week reading in so many discussions I feel like I know so many of you already!  What a great group of mentors you make!

I have one question that I did not see mentioned anywhere.  I want my booth interior to be black and am considering the mesh idea, partly due to so many comments about the wind passing through rather than knocking over items and the ease of transporting in my small SUV.  My mosaic artwork tends to take up a lot of space, and after all, that is important!  Flourish makes a cover for their mesh walls but I am not too impressed with that idea and would rather the mesh itself be black but I have not seen any anywhere.   Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any ideas,  Pam

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  • Welcome, Pam!  I have mesh panels and love 'em.  I just ordered covers for them and the Flourish folks told me that to reduce heat with the covers, you can raise the sta-bars a bit higher off the ground to let air pass underneath. (\Tom is the guy I spoke with but they are all extremely helpful.  I would call and ask them if the mesh panels could be dyed in a washing machine.  I know for a fact that you can take the stiffeners out and wash them, so I would imagine that's possible.

    • Thanks Geoff - never thought about dyeing!  Might research that one.

  • You might want to check the roll up display panels from creative energies, I don't really know anything about them other than what's on the website but they show a black option. You would need to ask if it would fit your canopy. Flourish has an option for pop-ups but I don't see that on the creative energies website. Also how heavy is your work? I think mesh walls are rated at about 20-25lbs/piece.

    • Thanks Lisa - I will look there.   I think my largest pieces that I would hang are around 20lbs so that should work.  And I can hang my heaviest pieces on the Pro Panels that I plan to have opposite the one mesh wall if need be.  Thanks, Pam

      • btw, I have the flourish mesh walls and really like them. I travel in a hatchback and they fit easily. No way I would have room for propanels.

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