I apologize in advance for how stupid this question might be, but I’ve read all the discussion topics and I am still a little confused. 
I am a photographer who is looking to start participating in art festivals. I know I will need a booth, but I’m having a difficult time with exactly what that entails. All the sites I am looking at for canopies  have various other accessories to add on, and it seems like some of them are necessary, but I can’t tell which. 

Would someone be willing to give me a basic, detailed description of how the walls and canopies all go together and a list of what items are needed and what are helpful to have?

I don’t have anything right now but I have been saving up, so if there are suggestions as to companies to go with, I’d love some input. It will usually be just me or me and one other person to set up.

Thank you so much for your time and helping me out with this!

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  • Most of our shows are inside, although I have borrowed a canopy for outdoor shows.  I use grid panels to hang my photos.  There are a lot of accessories for these.  Various hooks, feet, connectors etc.  Check these out:  https://www.amazon.com/Grid-1900B-3PCS-1904B-6PCS/dp/B015L5EKE0/ref...

  • I am in South Florida - St. Lucie county
    • Thank you so much! I will try and get off work for at least one of those days. I appreciate it
      • Kristen,

        I'm a photographer up in Michigan. Happy to talk with you about my experiences. Been doing shows for five years and learned a ton. Totally changed my setup, printing, exhibiting, etc. If you're willing to put in the work to do a show, I'm happy to share what i've learned.


      • That is a good approach. Ask artists about their "packing", "loading" "dont' forget list" or whatever they call it. Some have been posted here in the past. 

    • I will be at ArtGras Feb 13-14. You are welcome to tag along and I can answer most of your questions then.



      • Larry, thank you so much for the offer! I was not able to get off of work for those days but I really appreciate the invitation. It’s nice to know how friendly and helpful everyone can be :)

        • Noprob...If your plans change, I'll be at Artigras

      • Amazing! Good for you, Larry. 

        To anyone else reading this thread who is new to our business, I'm here to assure you that artists in this business are invariably helpful and kind to newcomers and generous in their interactions with one another. The best ways to learn what to do/not do is to attend as many art fairs as possible, take notes, pay attention specifically to others in your media, AND find artists in your area who will let you assist them in an upcoming event.

        • Can i give an "amen" to this, Connie? I started doing art fairs five years ago and was amazed at how open and helpful other artists and crafters were. I learned the most from the first guy I was set up next to - it was a art/craft fair and he sold marshmallow trebuchets. I remember distinctly how friendly and helpful he was for a newbie and I still remember his advice. 

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