I would like to get a battery for lights.  I do not want to deal with a marine battery.  Has anyone used a Yeti Goal Zero battery? There are 2  400 power stations.  One is Lithium.  Big difference in price  and weight.  Any info out there?

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  • I too am looking at a battery for lights and a fan or 2. Someone recommended the Webetop 155Wh 42000mAh Portable Generator Inverter Battery 100W Camping Emergency Home Use UPS Power Source Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Car with 110V AC Outlet,3 DC 12V,3 USB Port. I see there are higher wh battery's -- that will run power for longer and can be charged overnight. I too am looking for small, light and easy. Any recommendations?

    It does seem I will need a battery for each thing I want to plug in -- which makes sense --so maybe 2 or 3 smaller batteries make sense? Any direction/advise would be appreciated--I am feeling pretty clueless.


  • Well the systems are rated at roughly 400wh with the lead acid being slightly lower and the lithium slightly higher. What this means is if you have 100w of lights then it will run for basically 4 hours. if you have 200w of lights it will run for 2 hours. All for a price between $450 and $600. 

    On the plus side these units require no knowledge of electrical systems and no additional equipment to operate as it has the inverter and charger built in. Also it is fairly light 30lbs

    On the con side it is a very highly priced way to get a system. This is more exspensive than a 2000w quiet inverter generator

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