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Hi Everyone,

I have an iPhone 5 that I use to accept credit cards (I use PayPal Here with Square as a back-up). I am considering getting one of those cases with a built in battery for doing shows. I’m usually outside without electricity and don’t want to miss a sale due to not having any battery power.  The problem is that most of those cases don’t seem to give enough access to the headphone jack to plug in a card reader.

Has anyone else tried a battery case or some kind of extension jack with the card reader? What would you recommend.



P.S. This is my first post here so I’m hoping I’ve done it correctly.

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  • I have the Mophie as a backup battery. I use my IPad with the Square as primary and also have my IPhone as an additional backup.

  • I love the Mophie Juice Pack Plus

    It includes a special small adapter cable that bring the headphone jack out of the pack. It does not make my phone too large. I can see how much charge the battery pack has independent of the phone charge. I can turn the pack off so it is not wasting energy keeping the phone topped off and just have it charge the phone when I need to. The pack and the phone can be charged together with the USB cable that comes with the pack. I think it just about triples the battery life of the phone. They have a less expensive version that does not offer as much extra charge.

    • Thanks Mark, have you used the adaptor with a card reader?

      • No, I own a web based business selling frames and supplies as opposed to selling in art shows. I use it the pack for hiking since GPS will run the battery down quick. I have used headphones through the adapter and it is just a minor extension on the plug so I would be shocked if you had any issue. 

        • I use a battery back by Halo. Use your iPhone USB to recharge your phone. We never travel without it, I use it to recharge the iPad too.
      • This one has done the job for me. It's petite and light.

  • I keep a back up battery pack with me that i can plug my phone into if it gets low, that way you dont have to worry about the case getting in the way of your jack. They are cheap now and work fine.
    • Thanks for the quick response Jenny.  It might also be the best option since it seems all of the cases have the battery in the bottom where the jack is located.  I was just hoping not to have one more thing to carry/forget at home.

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