I have my first big outdoor show this weekend, and need advice...

I have a Trimline, with 35lb weights at each corner and will have somewhat heavy pieces hanging from the mesh panels which should help add weight. I think I might get a couple cinderblocks as well, from reading disaster stories here....

We're supposed to have some wind and rain come through before the end of the show on Sunday, and I was wondering if, since the reason canopies go flying is because the wind gets caught in the booth, is it a bad idea to unzip part of the TOPS of the walls (leaving them velcro'd to the frame and the side and back walls still zipped to eachother) to allow the wind an exit? 

Or is that a really stupid idea?

Thanks for any/all advice.

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  • Carol,  you might try asking other artists near you in the show to see what they are doing.  Probably many of the artists near you have done the show before and are familiar with the winds/weather in that area.  That might be your best bet.

    Good luck with your first big outdoor show.

  • Your top will catch even more wind with the sides partially unzipped. It will give the wind more places to enter and get easier underneath the domed top. It takes a really strong wind to move or topple a trimline and if the wind is strong enough not much will help. I would not partially unzip the sides. What if it rains hard with them partially exposed?

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