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I Paul, You don't know me but I applied to Midtown Festival of The Arts for 2011 only to find out the show was cancelled. I have spoken to several people about a refund that were involved in this show,and they all just pass the blame. I called Zapp about this as well. The President for 2010 was Leslie Johnson ( his # 678-592-0679)  Zapp gave me this email for their contact.  Also Nicholas Wolaver was involved 404-832-6353 & Cell # 404-643-6873    I just spoke with Cynthia at 770-378-1412 which she said that she has not been involved for 2 yrs, But she did say that Midtown Festival of the Arts would not be happening this year ( 2012 ) due to financing and the economy.She said that it would be back on in 2013. I just want my refund for something that did not happen in the first place. PLEASE pass all this info along to other Artists .Did anyone get their money back and do you know anyone to contact for a refund?

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Don't know about any refunds, Paul. But I have just had confirmation that the organizers plan to move the date to October 5 & 6, 2013, to coincide with National Arts and Humanities Month in Atlanta.

When Zapp collects money for the art festivals, does anyone know the timing of when Zapp pays the money to the show?  

What checking does Zapp do before it takes on a client to handle their jury fees?  

Don't the organizers of this festival have an obligation to the artists who already applied if there is going to be a show in 2013?  

Connie, could you find out from the organizers as you have been in contact with them?  

 Jeesh, things aren't tough enough..............

Zapp is paid a fee by the art festivals who use Zapp's services. I believe it is based on the # of applicants. Not sure of the flow of the fees. I think the fees go into the show's account that is set up through Zapp for the processing.

What kind of checking should Zapp do? Zapp is a business. They offer a service to clients. Clients choose them or someone else. Are you implying they should "qualify" who they should do business with, Geri? Just because a show signs up to use their service is no stamp of approval on the event. Anyone, you or I, could start a show and use their services.

My understanding is they are inviting all who were accepted in the show for 2011.

I am in contact with someone who did some consulting work with Midtown, an old friend.

Connie, will having a show in 2013 refund the entrance fees for a show that was never held? Or are they going to do the right thing and allow those who paid for a show that didn't take place use the fees already paid?

As I understand it, Paul, all artists accepted for 2011 are being invited to 2013. Now you have as much info as I do.

This still seems very unfair, it's bad enough when shows want booth fees 6-9 months in advance.  To hold their fees for 2 + years (not sure how far in advance the fee was submitted) seems like someone is taking advantage of the artist.


You also could file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the state attorney general consumer affairs division. There probably are complaint forms online.

I wonder if Zapp got paid or if they made sure to get their fee out of the money sent in by artists.

The situation stinks as once again it is the artists that take it on the chin.  Guess they are just supposed to be happy that it doesn't happen more often??

This was an email I got from someone else. I like probably 500 other artists lost the jury fee to a show that never happened. I am surprised to see that folks got stiffed on the booth fees!  

No, people did not get stiffed on the booth fees. This thread is about the jury fees.

Reading all the posts, and no one has asked this, so I will: Is the organization running the show for 2013 the same one as the one who defaulted in 2011?  I am not a lawyer (ask anyone who knows me!!) but it seems to me that if they are different corporations (whether for-profit or 501c(3)), there would be no recourse for recouping fees.  If I am right about this, then an offer of space in the 2013 show seems like a reasonable offer. 

Neither am I an accountant, but I think there is a 2011 tax deduction for this kind of thing, too.  Check with your accountant.  And good luck!  I know I'm being maddeningly practical, but I do agree with everyone that this sucks. 

I applied and am fairly certain my jury fee was refunded.  


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