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Hey Artsy Types,

I am asking all the well seasoned slightly smoking from this year vets of art shows. This is the time of year we are planning for next spring. I am a 2d artist-painter and want to know how many canvas do you plan for back to back shows? My dream is to unload in the garage and then just pick up and reload for the next weekend. Sounds peachy? Riiiight!

I am trying to figure/plan ahead knowing I am going to be slap worn out from leaving Florida and then up to NC the next you have any tips in order not to be staying up all night trying to play catch up due to not thinking ahead? Trying to do 4 shows in the spring and 2 in the fall.

Does 120 units sound right for 4 shows...I am scaling down the size due to the economy. I  am focusing on less than 24x36 (One) and more in the 16x20 to 12x12..(I sold everything that was $85 or less in the first 2 hours- made booth fee and expenses on smalls in the first 3 hours and was so not prepared for all the people- they were like chickens pecking at me. Want to pack the booth as much as I can due to voided spaces looking yucky Sunday.)

I am hesitant to bring big pieces due to them not moving...thoughts?

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  • I'm with Lisa, have something in your booth that draws the crowd in and maybe even give them a little sticker shock so that your lower priced pieces don't look expensive... if you don't offer something big the purchases scale down to less expensive work.

    Last year I did a podcast with art marketing expert Barney Davey about selling which would be worth a listen:

  • I like to have at least one large painting in my booth. Even if it doesn't sell, it earns its rent by bringing in customers that end up buying other things and it's great when it sells!

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