Hi, I'll be doing my first outdoor art fair at Art's Alive, above, in just under two weeks.  I'm working through my supplies list now. Any advice from people who have done this show? I've signed up for Art Fair Sourcebook, and I saw the two reviews on there, but I would love to have a little more feedback. 

There will be around 5,000 people. I have some water-based work which is why I chose this show. 

For reproductions, they limit it to 25% of your original work. Does it make sense to bring my cards (retail $5) or my posters (retail $20) for this show? I was already planning to bring the posters but I'm unsure about the cards.

I'm also trying to judge how windy this show is/could be, and how much weight I will need. I am planning to build out some PVC piping with cement with my husband's help, and will have the corkscrew anchors that came with my Trimline tent. Also, does the ground tend to get very muddy at this site? 

I am considering buying the umbrella to go with the bamboo chair, but I am also conscious of cost and don't want to go too crazy. Is this something I really need, or could make do without this first show?

Do I need to have a desk? I have a folding table which I hope I'll be able to set up behind the booth; once again trying to keep costs down, so I hope this will work. 

Thanks in advance! 

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  • I did this show about a dozen years ago. The promoters are very organized and interested. Load in and out was easy and we parked behind our booth. It was windy but hot. Sales were mediocre for me as I recall since I did not return. I think crafts were selling much better than paintings.

    • This is all very helpful, thanks! Were you able to park behind your booth for the duration of the show?

  • This location is often very windy - you definitely need the screw in stakes.  Other things depend on your location within the show and many of the other things you ask are things you just have to figure out for yourself through trial and error.

    • I have a friend who is letting me have corner concrete weights, and will let me borrow sand bag weights, in addition to the screw-in stakes. So hopefully I will be good with that! Thanks for the input. 

  • Jennifer, do you know about our website www.Artshowreviews.com?  It is a website where artists can review an art show that they have done.  It is a great help to read through a couple of reviews when you are trying to decide if you should apply to a show.

    Well, I looked to see if we had a review for this show and we don't.  We are always trying to get reviews to help people just like this situation.  After you do this show, would you mind writing up a review for it.  The review doesn't take that long and artists would greatly appreciate it.

    You may also like to check our website out for other shows you are doing.

    • Yup, I checked there, I will post a review once I've done the show. I agree; it's a valuable resource to have!

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