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Just wondering if anyone has any information on this show...?

As well as the Rio Grande Holiday show ?

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Let me pile on by asking about Frisco Colorado August 9 and 10.

Hi Tamara,

Are you referring to the Hockaday Museum, Art in the Park in Kalispell???

Yes that is the one...

I've done this show 3 times in the past 4 years. I'm planning on doing it again this year. It isn't the best show for me but I know some artists do really really well. I like doing it because it's only a 15 min drive from where I live (Whitefish) and its exposure, exposure, exposure. The first year I did it (2010), sales were rather dismal (didn't sell a thing on Sunday)... the 2nd time, (2012) fantabulous, and last year just ok...lots of small things like notecards/prints....It really helps where you are with location. The street locations might be less expensive but it gets H O T. The park is nicer with the shade. Last year, they really changed up the layout and it was really confusing for attendees. A lot of artists were not pleased (myself included) I've heard through the grapevine that it's going to be better this year since so many were ticked off last year. There were 5 jewelers placed in a little quad area just behind my booth last year.... All right next to one another. So, Hopefully the rumors are right that they are going to do a much better layout and spacing of artists. 

Load in/out is pretty easy as the park really isn't that huge so no matter what end you're at dolling in isn't tough. The staff is really nice. They have an artist breakfast on Friday which is nice; yogurt, fruit, donuts, coffee, etc. 

This has never been a big money making show for me but I know there are some that have had a killer show. If anything it's fun and the area is gorgeous :) Maybe see you there!!! :)

Tamara - you might want to check with Sylvia Swassey or Catherine Stemper if you know either of them, both PNW jewelry artists, I've heard good reports from Catherine, not so good from Sylvia.  Long drive for just one show from Bellingham.

yes just trying to find some different shows.... but you are probably right ... Hows things going with you coming to Edmonds this year?

Have you heard anything about the Rio Grande show in New Mexico (holiday?) got excepted 

Tamara - we'll be at Edmonds, looking forward to the fact that it will be our first WA show of 2014, we'll be arriving back in the PNW for the first time since last August.  Looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends and ONLY being in the Western WA area for the sunnier months of the year:)


I've heard the Rio Grande holiday show is better than the spring show, we were accepted into the spring show this year but cancelled with 2 weeks notice due to Dale's mom death that caused a rapid relocation from Tucson to Dallas, we just weren't up to going back to NM a week after his mom passed.

Hope to see you this summer!


For us the Rio Grande holiday show has always been "decent". We have done very well at the Howard Alan Frisco show in Aug. but I know that this is not the case for other artists. Have not done the MT show.

What other shows are around Kalispell the weekends before and after Arts in the Park held July 18-20? We did a show at Missoula several years ago, but it was either the first or second weekend in August. We live about 575 miles from Kalispell and might like to come up that way sometime, but I think we need another show or two on consecutive weekends to make it work.

EDIT: I just searched for that Missoula show and discovered it was later than I remembered. River City Roots Festival in late August.

Other Montana shows we've heard about include Whitefish Arts Festival that is always around 4th of July weekend, so close to Kalispell but usually with a weekend in between.  I've also hear that Sweet Pea which is the first weekend in Aug in Bozeman MT is good.  We've never tried a show in MT, always had another option in WA or ID that was not as long of a drive.  Hard to justify the extra travel expense if you have a show that you can depend on for a given weekend.

Yes, like Ruth mentioned, there is the WF Arts Festival around 4th of July...two weeks before the Kalispell Arts in the Park. There are also a couple of other smaller art fests in Kalispell in a park by the court house...They are sponsored by Think Local, a business in Downtown Kalispell  dunno if it is happening this year though because I haven't seen anything info posted like normal.

There is Huckleberry Days (2nd weekend in August) in Whitefish.

The Montana Folk Festival is the 2nd weekend in July in Butte, Montana. I had a friend do this one last year and she said she did pretty well, she does letter press work, prints, invitations, cards, etc.

There is also Art in the Park in Anaconda, MT (close to Butte) the same weekend as Art in the park in Kalispell  I've haven't done this one or spoken to anyone who has done it so not sure if it is good or not.

Oh! Then there is a 1 day show in Virgina City which I hear is fabulous but have never done it because of other scheduling conflicts. I think it is July or August...can't remember.

And there is one over labor day weekend in Red Lodge, MT


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