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I'm doing this no matter what happens, but I thought I'd also get feedback from the smart people here (and Barry... please don't burn my idea down).

Basic idea is free art. I already practice art abandonment and give away at least one piece a week (I leave art in places like Kroger, Ikea, Target, Walmart and most recently at a rest stop). Each piece of art will have a sign on that reads "This art is yours for the taking, but only if you love it. Please wait til sundown (6:44pm) to allow others to see it also." Most likely all will be 36"x36" with some 5x7 pen and inks placed at random places thru the park. October 25 is National Art Day... so thats D-Day.

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THE park? WHICH park? I opened this thinking it was about a show I just finished called "Art in the Park." Surely the most commonly used show name across the country....

Yup, geographic location is important. Back in the early days I did Winter Park, CO. I was surprised when somebody posted it was raining there and there were  palm trees. 

Just a city park, and this is an unnannounced, nonorganized, free art exhibit in the park. But yes the name is common. I've pitched my idea to my city and two local cities, and so far one said OK if I get a million dollars of insurance. Maybe I should asking permission and just do it. 

I think it sounds like fun.  What in the world is the insurance for?

If you're having an event like a craft fair or knife throwing competition you need insurance in case a bystander gets sewn to a tree or someone is impaled. They refuse to see this a "non-event"... heck someone might trampled if one of my canvas pieces comes to life and goes beserk. Thinking now to just do it and forget asking for permission. 

Crazy!  I agree about just doing it.  Easier to ask forgiveness than permission!

I love this idea, Rick, hope you don't mind that I altered your post to include the photo. I've also shared it on FB and wish you well on this Kickstarter campaign. I hope everyone clicks on your link to Kickstarter to read the rest of the story about your initiative. 

What made you do this? 

I love the idea also of sharing beautiful things with others randomly. It is a way to make our world better and is contagious. I've never done anything as gracious of this, but when I am traveling and finish a book I leave it in a public place and hope someone else will find it and enjoy it.

i've only attended three art festivals and I got the biggest kick out of giving artwork versus selling it. I do the same thing with books and I often leave small illustrations in odd places. Nothing wrong with giving back )

Very nice thought. Very positive, therefore I feel bad to cast a negative.

The one thought is how this might hurt us artists.

Someone who might have been interested in purchasing art from us, will be satisfied with the "free" art you gave, thereby causing us to lose a sale.

This is different than competition as in the competition case, they would choose who to spend their money with.

Ever hear the expression "Why buy the cow when you get the milk free?"

Just food for thought.

If it is just a few maybe it will encourage the unlucky ones to go ahead and purchase from the artists since someone else now has art and I want art also.

The chances of this hurting other artists is so small its not a measurable. In a my geographical area there are 2.4 million people - let's say that 2% of these are potential art buyers that plan on buying art in the next 6 months.. and of that 2% only 25% plan on buying abstract art - of the remaining 300 people what are the chances that even one of them will end up in one the 850 parks in my area on October 25. If these 300 people go to a city par twice the chances of them going to my park is 1  in 380 million. It's probably 0%. My guess is 100% of the people that take my artwork home will be under 30, apartment dwellers, and never had an art budget anyway. 

At the worst, artists might  even be viewed differently - perhaps less commercially driven and more altruistic. By the way: none of this artwork will be signed by me, at least not with my name, probably just a W or a fake name like "Art W. Givings" or "Don Ate" or maybe "Nat Artday"


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