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After being on the waiting list for this show two years in a row, we were invited off the waiting list late last week. At first we were excited--we were also on the waiting list for the show in Bloomington, IN, and for Long's Park, but had no firm show for Labor Day weekend. But we were also road-weary after a number of shows in a row, and because we couldn't get a good idea of how well people do at the show, we opted against the opportunity--and the 13-hour drive each way.

We'd love to hear from anyone who did this show! How was it? How did you do? What was the attendance like? Please let me know! Thanks,



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The show was not as good as in past years.  The crowds were good.  I know that some artists did really well and others, not so much.  Didn't see a lot of packages but when buying small stuff, it is hard to tell.  I spent a lot but that was more my husband's fault!!  

Your work is really pretty but it is hard to say how you would have done.  I thought it had an older demographic and sometimes that is good for higher end jewelry and sometimes it doesn't work at all.

Guess  I haven't really helped you all that much but it is pretty much a crap shoot a lot of the time isn't it.  

Hi, Geri. Thanks so much for your reply. . . and your compliment on our work! I really appreciate your perspective; you know just the kind of things that we're looking for (crowd size, packages)! And it's true that it is a crap shoot! So it was very helpful to read your reply; it kind of makes me feel that we made an okay decision. I hope we get to meet you sometime when we do come to the Chicago area.


I did this show for the first time. I was hesitant because of the distance (12 hours). But, after a slow start and early set up, the show started having paying customers around noon. The crowd built up and sales got better and then tapered off about 4... the show ran til 6. Monday was ass freezing chilly, and so was the reception we got from the visitors, warm weather was turned off and so were the sales. They became few and far between and did pick up some as the temp warmed later in afternoon. The sun came out and the temp went up after the 5 o'clock close so we worked up a sweat while packing. 

My sales were above average for this year. I have nothing to compare this year to in Illinois. Certainly better than in St Louis.

we stayed in a low $ super 8 up the road in Waukegan and had a good chinese meal at Fong's downtown. The show had a awards breakfast on Monday that was hardy and tasty. Weird to do a Sunday-Monday event.

We left the fair site and drove south thru Chicago area to Pontiac to avoid the morning rush hour which got us home earlier on Tuesday, but still took most of day.

If given the chance I'd go back because of quality people volunteers and mostly affluent crowds.


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