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Complete art fair display set up. Includes custom built system of rolling displays that allow you to easily move pro panels and inventory. Custom built cabinets match Pro Panels and roll into place. Doors on end open to shelving with shelves to hold extra inventory. This system is great when you can't park near your booth. No need to run back and forth for inventory. Rolling displays make setup quick and easy. This is a very professional looking set-up. All rolling displays match the Pro-Panels in color and texture. Additional photos available.

  • 9 Pro Panels (7' tall, dark gray), with stabilizers and adjustable legs
  • Custom built rolling display to move pro panels converts to a display table with addition of top (included). Space beneath table provides room for storing personal items and packing materials out of sight.
  • 2 custom built rolling cabinets have doors that open to shelving built to hold extra inventory
  • 4 heavy duty concrete weights
  • Two light weight foldable stools

Price: $2,500

Pick up is Southern Indiana.

I am willing to sell without the large rolling displays if you don't have a way to move those. Contact me to discuss.9559569495?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Hello,

    Do you still have everything?


  • Hi there. I am looking for propanels for my booth and I am in Kentucky. Where exactly are you in southern Indiana? I'm not sure I would be interested in the rolling carts. How much for just the propanels? What are the sizes on the panels and how many of them do you have. I need mine to hang from my tent, do you have the hardware for that? Thanks Jeremy

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I'm in Nashville, Indiana which is about 1.5 hours from Louisville. I have 9 pro panels that are 7' high with adjustable legs. They are 38.5" width, so 3 panels makes a 10' wall for the booth. The rolling displays have 4 more pro panels used to create them, so if they were dismantled you'd have 13 panesl, but the legs have been cut on the last 4. I've never seen pro panels hanging from a tent, so I don't have hardware for that. I do have a couple of long stabilizer bars and several connector pieces, as well as 4 heavy concrete weights.

      Are you wanting a price on just the 9 pro panels and nothing else? Or do you want the bars and stabilizers as well?


      • I think I would just need the 9 panels, the connector pieces and the stabilizers. 

        • If you're interested make me an offer. I'd like these to be sold!



        • Hi Jeremy,

          I can sell the 9 panels plus bars/stabilizers for $1200. Price new is a little over $2000.


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