This e-mail reflects an idea Bill Kinney at Paragon came up with and the collaboration and good wishes of all at Paragon: Bill, Laura, Denise and myself.

We thought it was important to reach out to our industry as a whole on an issue that relates to all of us.

As artists, the relationship between our brain and hands is essential for most of us to create our work. Recently, Archie Smith, a fine woodworker from North Carolina (see photo below) severed three of his fingers and damaged a fourth. Those of you that know Archie realize he one of the kindest and gentlest souls of any artist on the circuit, filled with naught but kindness and love for others.

What happened to Archie can and unfortunately will happen to others - bad things do happen to good people. We are reaching out to all of you as a 'family' to help support Archie either financially or emotionally. If everyone that reads this e-mail can find it to send even $1 to Archie, that gift will make a huge difference in helping he and his wife through the next few months, undoubtedly extraordinarily difficult times. If you cannot send anything financial, please send your wishes for a speedy recovery, either through an e-mail or card (contact information below). Let him know he is in your thoughts.

As an artist community, if we stand behind one another, we can all get through this together. You don't have to personally know Archie to help him - it is simply a mindset to help another. Let’s show our good side and help each other. Makes the path we travel as artists far more fulfilling.

Archie Smith
6590 Hwy. 73 E
Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124

archie photo.jpg

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  • I met Archie this summer and we had a nice chat. I am truly saddened to learn about the accident. Not just because I know him but having severed 4 fingers in 1983, I think I would be remiss if I didn't share some thoughts. I will do this in a personal letter to Archie, whose artistry speaks of what kind of man he is. All those who can should offer their support. To Archie- It is a long healing process, but, you will be making beautiful musical instruments again, and all will be grateful.

  • Yesterday I spoke with Bill Kinney of Paragon Events, he along with Ron Melotte, also reached out to other art groups to rally help for Archie. Teresa Saborsky at the NAIA contacted CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund), Paragon sent out the message to their list, as did Greg Lawler (Art Fair Sourecbook) and Joe Halbrucker (Sunshine Artist). The art fair business is a tightly knit community, much closer than the usual "Seven Degrees of Separation" of people who are interdependent to keep their life styles viable.

    If you have not contributed to help Archie yet a contribution can be sent to I did it the easy way, went to PayPal and "sent money" from my account there directly to him. If you don't have a PayPal account you can use your credit card there to make a payment. I sent it to this

    • Thank you Connie, for helping in all the ways you are.

  • Just want to affirm that it is so easy and simple to send help to Archie through Paypal.  It took all of 2 minutes...amazing...just sign into Paypal.. hit send money...type in his e-mail address and a note with a well wish or two and voila!  I cannot tell you how HAPPY i am to have wondered into this lovely community of artists!  

    • Thank you for illustrating his, Kathryn.  And for helping Archie!

  • Archie probably won't be working clear through to the end of October.  Hopefully he will get some help from the good people here so that he can relax and let those fingers heal.  It would be a shame if he went back to working too soon and risked losing the rest of his fingers.

    It is late now but I will try to do a Paypal donation tomorrow. 

    Come on everyone, you never know when it will be you that some disaster finds.  We would all like to know that people are there to help us when we need it.  If everyone pitches in a small amount, it adds up.

    • Amen, Jacki.  Those thoughts are right to the point.

  • Can someone be specific about which email address to use for Archie on Paypal. Is it the " info" one above or something else?
    • Richard:  It is the ""

      • Check out Archie's blog update.  It lists another email:   Nice to see this forum being used to support other artists in need.

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