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I am a photographer, finishing up my third year of art shows and am looking toward next year.  I live in Louisville and would like to apply to one of the St. James Court shows and am confused by the statement in the application regarding 25%.

"Prints must be properly signed and numbered, and prints/reproductions/giclees may not comprise more that 25% of the display. (This restriction is not applicable to artwork produced via traditional printmaking techniques (serigraphy, etching, lithography, etc.)."

Does this apply to photography?  Everything I have is a print.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it applies to photography. That is my medium. I've done that show.

Each section of the show is separate. They each have their own rules.

This seems to apply to all sections. So sorry but in still not clear. Does this mean I can only have 25% prints compared to hung work, or just 25% of my space for prints? I have two Propanel bins, so would be good if that is the case, but have 20ish images hung and more that that in the bins.

I believe it means what is displayed (including in the bins) is unique, not copies of other work displayed. Therefore, no more than 25% can be copies of displayed pieces. Also limited edition.

As I don't put out copies, except maybe 2 or 3, and everything is hand signed, numbered and limited edition, I have not had to clarify it.

There was a photog at the show one time who was selling non-limited edition metals that the artist did not print but had sent out for the printing...this artsit was spoken to about it and not made to leave but not welcomed back either.

What percentage of your work is hung? If I remember the vast majority they want "customer ready" therefore hanging system installed. Also hanging on display not tthe bulk being in print bins.

You might want to check with the director for that section to clarify further, I don't want to give you incorrect information. 

Ah! That makes sense. I do all my own printing, so no worries on mass produced out sources. I do have several more options in the bins than what is displayed so overlap would not really be an issue either. I think to be safe I will check with the organizer if I would be accepted next year. I would be mortified to not be up to par! Thanks for the input, Larry!

Glad to share. 

Good luck :-)

There are many members of the Louisville Artisans Guild who have done the various sections of St. James - get in touch with a member and they can help out. If you don't know anyone in the Guild, I believe they have their holiday show the first weekend of November - you could go and chat with folks there.


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