Applying to shows used to be a mess of slides and checks and SASEs for us artists. Then came along ZAPP which made our lives so much easier - especially applying while on the road!

Since then a lot of smaller festival application software has arrived. It's been a while since I've been on the circuit, but I remember long ago Bonita Springs was using something other than ZAPP.

These days, what has been the easiest and/or most difficult system for you to navigate when applying for in-person and virtual shows? I'm looking for one that works well for artists but doesn't break my budget (for my little art fair.)


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  • I've used this to apply for shows before. not sure if would suit your needs though.

  • Don't do Entrythingy.


  • Best I know, Meredith, there are only 3 players in this space: Zapp (I think they'll work with you on the price), Juried Art Services and The last one I used for my very small art fair this summer, about $3 per application, I believe. A bit of a learning curve for me, but great support, lots of FAQ's, and helpful email answers. 


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