4 things. I have been looking at Hotwire first because they have made it very easy to figure out which hotel the deal is for. You still can do that on Priceline, but it takes a little more work.

1) I click on a listing, and get a drop down that says it’s gone. Okay, I get that. But not 3 times in 15 minutes. Honestly, it’s not a hot town I’m trying to get a hotel in. You wouldn’t have 15 deals if it was.

2) a listing I had clicked on last night to explore, is not there the next morning. Oh, wait, it is. For a few dollars more. They must have an algorithm to track my interest like airlines do.

3) the deal killer (for me). I choose something. I go all the way through the payment process, enter my credit card, click Confirm. It says it is buying my room. Then I get a screen that says sorry, the deal is gone.

I feel like they are driving me over to Priceline Express Deals. They are owned by the same company. I was feeling jacked around and fed up with Hotwire, so I DID go over. But why? I bought a cheaper room over there, and have every time this has happened.

4) This morning I see on my credit card statement that I have a charge for the room that “did not go through.” I’m sure it is just a hold. It will go away. But why would they even do that if the transaction did not go through?

LAST year the same thing was happening on Priceline, not Hotwire. I assumed it was a glitch. I would go all the way through the payment process. Click "buy my hotel room now". Then see screen saying that deal is gone.

But then the same deal was still showing even when I shut down, logged off and reopened the site repeatedly. I went through the process at least 5 times over the space of 16 hours. Same listing. I called agents twice. They both basically said just try again with another listing. It was not going to work so I gave up on Priceline for last year.

Anyone having similar issues with these sites? Thanks.

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  • I use Hotwire all the time and this only happened to me once.  It was for a show in a small town without many hotel rooms and it was the day the acceptances went out.  I attributed it to everyone who got accepted immediately getting on Hotwire and they were buying up the rooms as I was looking.  After, I called all the hotels directly and they told me they were sold out of rooms at any price.  Otherwise, I have never had a problem with Hotwire.

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