I received an invitation to apply to the 43rd WITAN French Market in Akron, OH.  It is a juried show, and includes fine art and crafts.  In searching this source for reviews, I couldn't find any, but did notice that a call for entry was listed here two years ago.  

If anyone has done this show, could you please share your experience with it?  I am a little leery of art and craft shows held in church halls, especially with booth fees of $ 250.  But I get the sense that this one is of a higher quality than most.

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  • It sounds very interesting and if nothing else, Sonja, worth a trip to take a look to see if it is your demographic. 

    • I think I will apply - if anything, it's in late February and will help break up the winter, lol.  

      • Yes, especially if you live close and can keep your expenses low.

        • The show was in a church on West Market Street, Akron OH.

          Some years later I heard on the radio that they had moved to another location, still in the same end of town. Where is the show located now?

          This is a nice area of town.

          Show was put on by a women's club. Promoter told me they were not interested in booths that were the same artists that did all of the other local shows, and I remember that I didn't recognize anyone except one person who did inexpensive but tasteful costume jewelry. No other potters. My impression was that these were artists who did less shows, and smaller local ones.

          Show was all crafts but it looked very tasteful, nothing that could be called "low end" or tacky. Think most booths were from the area. 

          Friday was steady for me and those booths around me. It was all well groomed reserved women shopping together or alone. I was told these were the doctor's wives.

          Saturday was not quite as good and was what looked more like general public, ladies with brighter clothing and makeup, families, children, louder. People purchased. 

          I had asked about this show before I applied and other artists all said about the same thig- Good show, but gave no specifics.

          I was happy with my sales and seem to have forgotten about this show because it is in March, or I find it too late to apply. 

          I think my sales were around $1500 but not more than that. The booth fee was much lower then, and the show was about 10 miles from my house. Easy hours, comfortable to do. The booths were small.

          • Thanks for your info, Judy!  The show is going to be held at the St. George Fellowship Center - but I am not very familiar with Akron.  However, being from a suburb on the east side of Cleveland, it shouldn't be a very far commute.  I am relatively new to showing, and usually only do a few summer shows that are no more than 2 - 3 hours drive from home.  I started doing a lot of church type craft shows, but found most of them weren't a good fit for me.  I'm a wildlife painter, offering mostly original paintings and matted prints; and most of the church show crowd only wanted to purchase my small note cards and items under $15.  I just didn't sell enough to make much of a profit - and that was at booth fees of $100 and under!  So I am hoping this show has a larger draw, and people willing to spend more on art to justify the $ 250 booth fee.  The show for 2020 is Feb. 28 and 29 (seems so strange typing that!).  I think I'll apply, though, and give it a shot.  

            • Would be a good idea to find out the attendance, if you do please post it. Also what type of building.

              I'm on the other side of Akron in Kent, otherwise I'd look for you.

              Maybe the show has gone up a notch- larger building, larger booth size, easier parking for guests? Just guessing.

      • I did this show so long ago, around 1990.

        If you don't get info I'll try to give some details later- busy.

        I would say apply if you do not have to get a hotel. 

        Spaces were small and I do not recall any art. Don't recall any bazaar looking booths.

  • I do not but would be interested also. SE Ohio here.
    • I think they are looking for regional artist, Cindy, so as a fellow Ohioan, do please check it out!  I was contacted through my Etsy shop by their Artisan Committee.  With 43 years of putting on this event, they should have a good following.

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