I just got accepted into Craftphila and I'm having some reservations. All the photos from the spring show a lot of food vendors and kids make it take it. I am wondering if it's worth it for the artists. Anyone know anything about it?

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  • I participated in this show this past May. Having lived in Philadelphia for years, I will use any reason to revisit and the show appeared to have promise on paper. Sadly, it did not work out for me.

    I exhibited decorative and functional porcelain works at price points ranging from $25 to $600.  I was expecting that the small, functional pieces sold to tourists would carry the show but had also hoped that local residents would be interested in the larger works. Neither happened.

    What did happen: I sold very, few pieces (all small ones) and left with about $275 for the weekend...it was a loss. The weather was very good with two sunny, warm days but not too hot. The show consisted of ONLY 26 exhibitors surrounding an "L" of a busy, tourist-laden corner right across the street from the Liberty Bell. This made for a bad show locale, in my estimation. People moved passed the booths but most were en route to somewhere else: the "duck" mobile, the Liberty Bell, the restaurants, the Beer Garden directly behind us (with escalating loud music throughout), the Handsome Cabs across the way...seemingly anywhere but my booth. The jeweler next to me seemed to be having a good show, as were Leslie and Jean (the promoters who were also exhibitors of jewelry). Local residents were few and far between (at least among those I spoke with), perhaps due in part that the Rittenhouse Square show was the previous weekend and they already had their art show fill. Though now that I recall, I did hear several times that they didn't know anything about it.

    I kept a smile on my face the entire time, though. As a promoter, Leslie was trying hard to make it work. I could see that she felt badly that most of us were not prospering. She came around several times and even thanked us for staying the Sunday, when several didn't (boo-hiss). I also believed that she spent $ on advertising though it could have been directed at the wrong people. I saw an ad in a "what to do" kind of brochure but the tourists were not that interested.

    The right work might do okay to good, as there is money to spend. Sorry that this reply isn't more timely...just saw it. Good Luck!

    • Thank you!. That is exactly the kind of response i have been looking for. Your feedback confirmed all of my suspicions.I just had a feeling by looking at the photos. Unfortunately it is too late, I did confirm and I'm giving it a shot. I'm hoping for the best and staying positive. I really appreciate your honesty
  • I haven't been to the show but I've had several conversations with the show organizer, Leslie Manas, who is an artist and is putting these events together. The location seems good, at the Liberty Bell in the heart of the city and tourist areas. The price is decent too, don't you think?

    • Yeah. I do. That was another reason i applied. I figured it was worth the shot. I think I'm going to go ahead and confirm. This is my first year doing shows so i have to be careful. I am thankful that i can usually rely on this group for encouragement, tips, and experience.
  • What made you want to sign up in the first place? What research did you do before you sent in the app?

    • The artists that were in it before looked like quality artisans. But I've found that just because the artists are quality, doesn't tell me much about how profitable the show was for them. I was just trying to see if anyone on here had either participated or talked to anyone who did.
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