This is the show's 20th year so I am thinking it can't be that bad but I wonder about it being in the city and parking, etc.  Would love to have some feedback before giving up an old faithful to try something new....

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  • Susan

    I just ran across your post. As you've likely already done the show you might not need my input.

    I know the area very well. Depending on your price point it might not be good. the people on "College Hill" don't normally go down to that park. The economic demographic of the downtown Easton area is not good. A lot of lookers, not buyers. Unless you are in the $5 to $10 range.

    The area is changing. As the Lafayette college is expanding into that area, art is growing, price points rising. It should get better.

    The location of the event, until recently, was a place many would be afraid to walk at night.

    So how did you do at the event?

    • Thanks for your reply.  I actually ended up choosing not to do it.  I would have had to give up a one day show that I have done for years.  It just happens to be a couple of hours away and this is a two day show very close and they were offering a nice deal for their "anniversary", it was a wee bit tempting to try it.  In the end, tried and true safe won out....

  • Susan, I looked to see if we had a review of this show on our website -  Unfortunately, we don't.  That is why it is so important to leave a review or two so you can help someone.

    We need reviews.  People need to have an idea of what a show is really like.  Consider write a review or two. 

    Add your reviews here:

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