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As far as I can tell, square requires a signature for all purchases over $25. What if I don't have a signal and cannot swipe or hand enter the info. Others here have said use a knucklebuster to imprint the card and get the additional info, have them sign the knucklebuster reciept and then put it thru on square when you have a signal. Sounds good (except the card isn't verified), but what do you do about the signature that square requires? Am I missing something? I guess this would also mean I can't take an order over the phone.

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I write "on file" on the signature line all the time.  I guess it could be a problem in the case of a chargeback but for an order over the phone I either have shipping information or I have the customer sign the invoice at the time of delivery.  I haven't run into having to use the knucklebuster but as long as you have a signature there you have proof of the sale.

I wasn't sure if signing it "on-file" would be ok. It seems like it should though, as you say,  as long as you have the signature. Thanks.

The thing to remember in this digital age is that no one is going to look at the signature unless there is a question.  As long as you have proof that the purchase was made by the person you're good.

Hi David! I know this post is a little old, but I am trying to find a way to get a signature line on my square register paper receipt. Looking at your post it seems you may have resolved this. Could you share your solution?



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