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I have been accepted to both State Street and South University for photography and jewelry? I have never done  any of the Ann Arbor shows  .... so  the question is which one should I do ? Thanks for any advice

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thanks so much !
The windy corner is Maynard and William -- the booths nearest to that intersection in the State Street Area show always have problems if it's stormy.

I'm with Patricia on this. Both shows have great spots and not-so-great spots. If you choose State Street I'd see if you can specify that you will be on Liberty or William. If you settle on South U. I'd ask to be on South University. If you can nail down one of these locations either show should produce comparable results, although I'd lean a little more to State Street. Good luck!


Will you be having two booths? One for each category? Or are the shows going to let you put both in the same booth? This will definitely be interesting.

No... I will have 2 seperate booths and yes it should be interesting .. i have only done this one other time and it was exhausting to say the very least! Thanks so much for your imput ..its really appreciated . It's a long way to go from Florida and I want to make a good decision!

Shelagh, not only exhausting -- expensive. Right?


I just remembered the very best spaces for either of the shows are on North University, this is part of the State Street show. I believe their prices are higher also as a result of this prime location. North U. is the passway between the State St. show and the Street Art Fair -- its the high rent district, or perhaps the Gold Coast.

Good luck getting a spot in North University, you gotta wait for somebody to die before  that will happen.  trouble is the So U show has not so great spots on the side streets where most newbies are put.  Every body wants to be on University.  I ink you are better off going with the State Street show, especially if you are going to have two booths.
Yes, I think Nels is right...still worth a try for North U. Thayer, has a bad leg (to my mind), and the part that is in the traffic pattern is where the wind tunnel is.
Thanks Nels !

Hi Nels, not sure if you'll get this because it's an older thread.... but if you do, would you consider N. Church St. (part of the South U show) as one of the bad spots?



I was accepted in the guild summer section, but will be on state street, how does this compare and is this a good enough spot or should I be trying to get on a different spot, being a newbie I have no clue what awaits me, please advice.


Stick with that, Harrison. There is good traffic there, no spaces out of the traffic pattern.


I had a choice this year: stay in the State Street show, on William across from some buy/sell vendors, try to get a good spot in South U, or go with the Guild on State Street. I went with the Guild on State Street, across from Angell Hall. As Connie says, it has steady, consistent traffic on State Street. Interestingly, the State Street Area Merchants show doesn't have any artists booths on State Street, just a horde of merchant booths cluttering up the traffic pattern!


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