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How do you all with Trimlines anchor the sidewalls at the bottom edge?

Mine is a 10x10 7' and the bottom edge of the sidewalls are below the stay bar.

Maybe it's common to not anchor the sides? I'd think I'd rather not have the sides flop and sway in the wind.

I'm pretty handy and I can come up with something but I don't like reinventing the wheel.

Thank you!

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Normally you don't need to anchor them.

If you choose to and they are below the stabars.

A) Lower your stabars and then bungee to them.

B) As you are using stabars, then you can pull horizontally. So, just secure with strong tension, at the bottom corners.

C) a couple of ground stakes or weights and bungee to them.

D) Roll up the bottom a little, then bungee to the stabars, they wont flap then.

Thank you, Larry, I appreciate the comment and ideas.

A fifth choice is to raise the entire top so the bottom of the sidewalls meets the stabar. I'm thinking that would allow a little better ventilation.

Of course. I assumed you maxed out your height. I should never assume. :-)


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