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I ask myself this question quite often.

What I am doing these days ( silver Jewelry ) just happenend.

I dont have an art degree. I am completely self taught. I watched a friend make a simple wire ring ones and took it from there. years later I watched someone solder some silver thought, thats it even cooler and moved to metalsmithing. Only in the past 2 years did I take 1 formal class at the Arrowmont school of arts and crafts in gatlinburg Tennessee and I met with a goldsmith in Pforzheim/Germany for some lessons.

I have been selling my work since the early 90ts mainly at the French Market in New Orleans and craft markets in the area.

In June 2004 I joined a newly formed artist co op here in NO. In April of 2006 I joined a second one also in NO. In both Gallerys I work a few days a month with at least one other artist member to staff the Gallery.

It is in those Gallerys where I first met and worked with fellow Artist/Crafters.

Like anywhere some people you like and some not so much, I can live with that, but what I have a hard time getting past is the selfishness and the negative aditude I have seen in so many come and go over the years.

As soon as one leaves the room some others gather talking trash about that persons work.

 many "artits" I met seem to have the need to talk someone down to make themselfs look better, When it comes to a business opportunity which would benefit them personally,those artist are quite sharp and understand numbers quite well, when their ask to do something that does not serve their personal need, they pull the " I am just an absent minded Artist" card.

 Even at Art shows, just this past weekend I overheard other artists talking again about how the person who won best of show at the last weeks show should have never gotten that price.

 Every show I go to I hear something simular. Does the right person ever win in the minds of the ones who did not win?

A potterer kept going on about the stupid customer who ask the dumb question of how long pottery last. He gave the smarta...s answer " 2 million years it is like stone it last for ever, he was surprised that the customer did not buy anything.

Dealing with customers is not easy , but be nice, if someone ask you a reasanoble question about your work, answer reasanably. they must be liking your work to stop and look and ask in the first place.

I fortunately did meet people who seem very content and secure in what they are doing and those People are my Idols and true Artists in my mind. If I am an artist, I want to be like them.

By Degree no I am not an Artist By feeling I think I am.

I Love what I do, I want to win the price, but, I dont always do but sometimes have. I am the best in what I do as I know that you are the best in what YOU do.



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