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I am new to the craft show scene. As many others, I have a very limited budget for making/purchasing walls for my pop up. I can sew, do woodworking and make and sell metal art along with mixed media art. I have a wide array of tools but am looking for an alternative to pro panels or mesh. If you have made a professional looking alternative, would you mind posting pictures here? I have seen some larger panels on this discussion that were nice with outdoor fabric, my only drawback is making them fold up nicely to fit in my Honda Pilot. When you start adding in hinges to the design, it can add up quickly. I am in need of something lightweight and I like the foam core ideas. Should I be concerned with having to prove my walls are made of fire resistant material? If so, how have you all who have constructed these proved it? Thank you all for your advice on this!

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Hi Kelly--your site is so clean and your jewelry/art is beautiful--well crafted and a good niche. 

I too have this exact same dilema. Lots of inginuity/not much $$. The only thing with foam core it that after one show it could get drabby, notched/unprofessional looking. Unless it's the plastic gator board stuff, and then that in itself is a small investment.

I have just purchased a couple of grid walls at a used-display store. They are heavy, but I purchased the legs, and I have yet to set them up with the tent. I am researching ways to hang my unframed/matted art. Velcro looks like the option. I haven't been able to enter a "large-juried" show since you have to have a picture of your booth. And then I found out some of them don't allow tables. arg.  

I would love to afford the mesh walls. They seem like the best option. Keep looking for them on this site in the "for sale discussions". I did find one set-up in Stuart Florida--but it was the whole kit and kaboodle, tent/walls, etc. Good Luck and would love to know how things pan out for you.

Paulette Boudreau

Paulette- thanks so much for checking out my site. I too am stuck in the grey area of trying to look nice without having the nice stuff (yet). My booth doesn't look too bad but it is definitely challenging to show both wall art and jewelry and have it cohesive. I aspire to have two booths side by side, one for art and another for jewelry because I can't seem to give up my addiction to both! I certainly will be checking out used or for rent panels or mesh on this site. Thanks for your suggestions and good luck to you!



I understand your desire to save costs. However the convenience, longevity, portability, reliability and presentation of the Flourish panels, may in the long run, be the most cost effective option.

A) Packaged they are only about 58" - 60" long. If you have them precut for door openings they are much shorted when packed.

B) They hold their resale value so being new to the show scene, if thin gs change, you can sell them with minor loss.

C) So well made they will be durable and reliable without maintenance likely far longer than many things "homemade".

D) Already fire rated which is required in many shows.

E) Same set can be adapted and used in various tent systems as well as just pipe and drape setups.

F) Very light... entire system is a one hand carry complete. 

Hi Larry-

Thanks so much for your recommendation on the panels. I think I am in denial about them! It hurts my bank account to even think of them but I know it is worthwhile, no doubt. I also noticed that they definitely hold their value too, as you pointed out. I saw that the panels are offered in a smaller size too. I think it is one of those things that I'll have to buck up for. Until then, I have no idea what to do! I currently have a pallet that I cut in half and painted to match my booth which hangs from two shower curtain hooks. It looks OK, but not something I want to continue with all the way around my walls. Here are some shots, try not to giggle too much! Thanks so much for reply! 


Home Depot wooden screen door - wrap with thin indoor/outdoor carpet that they sell by the foot, using a staple gun. Add extra wood to the door if needed for hanging heavy items, or use drapery hooks through the carpet to hang lighter items. Add eye bolts going all the way through the top & sides and use those to secure it to your tent with big/long zip ties. You can do a whole wall of them if you wanted. They are light and easy to transport.



Hi Mary- Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I saw someone do this in an article online too. I was thinking of framing up a similar structure and adding carpet. I would like that to fold though and be double sided so that I can show off both sides of the wall on a sunny day. Is yours double sided? 

I wonder if I could do this with my pallets above....What do you think? 

Thanks again for sharing and showing me a picture of your setup!


Mine are not double-sided since they are usually against the neighbor or I have my white walls up. Generally there is no walk room between tents. These could easily be hinged together to make a 3-panel free standing unit that could be double sided.

Gotcha! At a regular show I do I sometimes have a neighbor that doesn't show and I am on a corner with a nice side view so I am trying to consider all angles just in case. I might give my pallets another look over to see if they would cover nicely with carpet. Thanks again for your thoughts on it.



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