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I have been away from art fairs for a few years, which means starting over on how to best accept credit cards.

Getting back into the game, I am only planning on a few events.

Is the square still the favorite? Or what else should I be looking at?

And one more question please: are they all handling the PCI compliance, or do some push that back on the user?

Thanks for the good advice in advance!

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Hello, Karen. Square has the slider that accepts credit cards with chips.

Check out what your bank has to offer. Square is probably most popular with most artists but your situation may be best served by other. I use Clover Go. I get an online compliance exam every year. I have read that square is "soft" on compliance. 

Richard, about the compliance exam - does the company you use, give it, and cover the cost?

I remember before my "sabbatical", filling out that form for "my company" (yup, me, myself, and I) and then paying the fee, which if I remember right, was $120.

Thanks for naming your source - I will check it out.

It is administered by TrustWave, No Charge. More technical than what applies to my use for studio.  I see it as more focused on raising awareness about online purchases and storage of card data which I don't do. 

There's no PCI compliance with Square.

We've just been accepted into our first 10 shows we applied for, and had previously just done a couple street fairs where I had the Clover Go, which I found awkward and hard to use, plus I had to remove the hard case from my cell phone which left it vulnerable to breaking.  So, I just leased the Clover Flex handheld device.  It is a bit of a steep tariff at about $50 a month, but we have protection in the lease of a device shipped to us overnight should something happen to it, and I feel it's a bit more "professional" than fumbling with an attached device to my phone.  Now, we just need sales to try it out!  

Good luck with that, but I have to tell you I can't understand why you'd want to pay fifty bucks a month for a handheld.  I used to have one, but it was a pain dealing with all those paper receipts and other problems.  Do you have to be PCI compliant with Clover?  I just find square to be so convenient and simple.

Foe what its worth,  I have been using the square since they started.  They had a few initial problems but none now. I think there great. I  also have  a spare  just in case something goes wrong.  It is an electronic device after all and not a pipe wrench. I also carry a Mophie portable batter charger from the Apple Store and think its great.

Love Square... readers are inexpensive one-time expenses. Like the flat rates.

Of course, please read their contract. There’s a lot to know no matter who you go with.

I was surprised to know that should conditions warrant, square can siphon money back from your business account for a number of specific reasons......just as can all the other processors.

I use it!  Same rates and I get a PayPal business debit card that I use to pay everything with and get cash back every month. I pay all my motel fees, travel expenses and have gotten anywhere from $12 to $50 back!

Paypal has a very nice card reader and payment system.

I spent a few minutes on paypal's site - they seem to want you to chose between plans. I am definitely a minimalist, and want NO extra anything. What variant of theirs do you use?


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