Disclaimer: this is my opinion. May or may not reflect those of other potential show participants. I'm looking now at shows in the Fall and am reluctant to throw more good money after bad on jury fees. Nearly every show to which I've applied has been cancelled. And very, very few have returned the jury fees. At a time when I have nearly zero income, I'm wary of applying to anything and having my remaining savings (dedicated to this project) eaten up, in part, by cancellations. May I suggest one of two thing until things get back on a more predictable course? 1. Consider lowering the jury fees from $30-$40 to something more incidental - $5 or $10, perhaps. Hurts less to lose less on a cancellation. or 2. Consider guaranteeing a refund of the jury fee should the show/fair have to cancel. I realize that these suggestions are unprecedented - but this whole climate is unprecedented. And I'd hope that we'd all be willing to adapt somewhat.

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  • Both great suggestions.  I get 3 to 4 invitations-to-apply emails everyday for fall shows that are almost absolutely certain to cancel. I am completely jaded, I admit, but I can’t see these as anything other than attempts to harvest jury and sometimes booth fees. 

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