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I got a phone call Friday and then again this morning from a guy claiming to be with a hotel association in Pensacola. He wanted me to book my hotel for the show through him which would lead to me giving him a credit card number. This has got to be a scam and he's probably going through the show list calling all of us! I'm sure the show can send out a mass email. His phone number is
(866) 319 3976 and there is no city attached to the number - just "unknown".
Christina Smith

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If it walks like a duck, quack like a duck and looks like a duck, it's probably a duck!  I wonder how many show participants fell for it?

Earlier today I received an email from the promoters of the Pensacola show warning about this. It mentioned that the hotel the email mentioned was a good hotel but not one of the hotels endorsed by the fair.

What a shame!!  If the scammers would put this much energy into doing something constructive they might possible make a good difference in the world.  They are smart, they just are down right rotten!

Thanks for the warning, Christina.

I agree...It is best to contact the hotels directly and avoid possible problems.

This type of thing is very common with large shows. Especially ones at convention centers. Always check with your promoter, forward any suspicious emails to them. A good promoter will / should email all participants  with warnings.


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