Hey everyone, I am curious to know if anyone has any info on this show? I recieved an invite to attend this show after the deadline which to my understanding means they are looking for artists to attend. The booth fee is only $100 and they have basketry and toys listed as a medium. Hmmmm,,,,they do have award money though. Any info would be great! Thanks,




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  • Hey Steven, Carrie Jacobson asked the same question not too long ago.  She got one comment I looked around and you might want to go look at that.

    I also found some photos that were taken of last years show.  Take a look at them.  Some of the work does look cheeky.  Maybe that would make it easy for you to win one of the awards.  :-)  The photos might tell you alot about the show.  It didn't look like there were tons of people there although the person who took the photos may have tried to get it photos with fewer people so it could be seen what was happening.


    • Thanks Jacki, yeah I have never heard of a show having "Toys" as an entry lol,,,,,,LIGHTBULB lol. I just thought I would ask though,,,sometimes you never know. Have a great weekend.



      • I did the show twice and wouldn't go back.  I'm one of the many, many jewelers who was in the show.  The weekend before is usually the Seafood Festival.  There's a lot of food at this show as well.  Crowds never seemed very strong.  The show is right on the water and the 2nd year, a lot of canopies got trashed overnight with a storm that blew in. 

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