The Early Bird Drawing for Pledge Drive prizes is today during Connie's 5:00 p.m. podcast - don't miss this very interesting conversation.

Meanwhile, many thanks to the following for their pledges! 


Lou Ann Grover, Shanghai Tai Designs, Chris Fedderson, Bradley Gray, Lori Burns, Memories Antique Gallery, Frances Hooper, Kristine Ritter, Lyn Patterson, Alice Johnson, Robert Pangman, Rita Lindsay, Beverly Ringenberg, Lori Ryerson, Karen Ruff, Susan Fleming, John Jassy, Karen Pfender, Michele Klein, Veronika Willard, LE Maynard Enterprises, Regal Beads, Charene Murray, Jerry Dowdle, Blake Museum, Barry Bernstein, Thomas Wingate, Brent Coulter, Michael Perronne, Lebenart/Bumbley, Beechtree Designs, Wang Chengqing, Debbi Cooper, Heidi Mandich, Susan Feder, and Richard Seymour


Barbara Walker, Constance Ross, Kevin Miller, Burnt Offerings Art, Charlotte Beales, and Victoria Jackson


Richard Sherer

Here is the link, in case you are procrastinating:

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