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Does anyone ahve experience with the higher end EZ Up tents, the ones that start at around $500, nit the cheap Sam's Club versions?  I'd like to avoid spending $1000 on a Trimline at this time, but need soemthing sturdier than the el cheapo EZ Ups that seem to eb everywhere.





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Saw your post and thought I'd respond. I bought my high end EZ-up this past February. I live and show in Southern and Coastal Maine- which can be very challenging weatherwise. Wind, rain, humidity, heat, and very sudden coastal storms ( which often include hail). Needless to say, i love my Ez-up. I have not had the opportunity yet, to use it in severe wind and storm. I have used it in rain, and heat/humid, and light wind. I can put it up and take it down, by myself. I purchased the large dog tie- out screw in type tie downs, and ratcheting tie downs from my local sporting goods store, for windy conditions. These will used at the center of each side, back and front. I have not experienced any leaking. I will be waterproofing it every spring- and cleaning and waterproofing before packing it away in November. So far I have not had to use any weight system. If you do your research here, you can find very good tips and tricks that the artists here use to keep their tents cool, dry, lighted, and weighted for their protection and comfort, and that of the consumer, and artists around them. I bought my tent from I am very pleased with it.
I like the moist air fans and the elite 600s they are pretty good and reasonable.
Thanks for the reply. Which model did you get?

I bought the elite 600s very nice
half off 299 everything she said they have also.
I bought my Encore 2 from They are on sale for $249.00 right now- that is what I paid in February. Shipping is free. It comes with all four side walls, rollerbag, stakes, an awning for front, and back sidewalls that are split in center for a back door. It is white, which is great for displaying.
It is a $500 tent, so on sale with free shipping, its like 53% percent off. Here's the specs-
Encore 2 version 2 with a 600d Cover, Awning, 4 sidewalls , Roller Carry Bag and Stakes! NEW 2010 Model!
# 5 different height adjustments.
# NEW! 2010 DURA LAST Cover
# 600 Denier TOP (thickest TOP for any canopy)
# Color Fast Fabric will Not turn Yellow
# Superior Tensile and Tear Strength
# Optimal Balance Between Fabric Strength and weight
# Thoroughly wind Tested Canopy
# White Powder-Coated, Rust Resistant Frame.
# Heavy Duty Thick 1 1/4" Legs - 11% Stronger than any Canopy.
# Fire Resistant (CPAI-84 Fire Rated) and Water Resistant.
# High Ceiling for Extra Head Room with a crossbar (+) frame for durability.
# Aluminum high strength Frame (Lightweight for E-Z Portability) with steel trusses for durability.
# NEW! 4 Roll up Poly Nylon Side Walls are included and attach easily with zippers (NFPA-701 Fire Rated)
# NEW! One Panel with middle zipper for entrance or exit.
# 99% Ultraviolet (UV) Protection. Keep cool under this Canopy.
# Easy One Person Set up in only minutes, True easy up canopy.
# 2 year Warranty
# No Tools required for assembly - No loose Parts.
Product Information
Dimensions: 10x10
Peak Height: 9'
Weight: 63 lbs
Bag Dimensions: 60x11x8
Pole Material: Aluminum
Height to Valance: 7'
Canopy Material: 600 denier Polyester
Sidewall Height: 7'
Sidewall Material Polyester Nylon Blend
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
1. Top Quality Commercial Ez Up Canopy Encore 2 ver.2 (10x10) Aluminum
2. 600 Denier Top
3. Unique Detachable Awning
4. Heavy Duty Roller Carry Bag
5. 4 Zipper Sidewalls
6. 4 Stakes
7. 4 Add-a-Weight Plates

It is easy to put up- one person. I am 5 ft, 1 inch tall and weigh about 105 lbs, and I ca set it up and take it down alone. It just takes me a little longer without a helper. It is a great tent, great price, and I have never seen any other place where the sidewalls and rollerbag were included for that price.
The hardest thing about it for me is fitting it into my Crown Vic trunk! It is the best deal for a geat quality Ezup Canopy.
Well, Karole, you convinced me. I ordered the Encore II. I love that it has an awning...and forget about putting that out front. I'll put it in the back so I can sit in the shade. That's a really good deal...with free shipping! Thanks.
Good for you! Mine is now packed away for the winter season, but I love it! it survived wind, rain, torrential thunderstorms, and my crown vic trunk! Now to just get used to smaller, indoor spaces...... good luck with your shows!
which one exactly is that on the website.  and why that one and not one of the other ones?  thanks.

I had an Encore II for years.....and I have to say it made it through some wicked weather! I loved it. I didn't like the way it looked per se...but, its all I had at the time and I am grateful for it. It still works today, years later. 


Do they sidewalls zip on? Are the on the outside of the frame?
Hi John, I bought my EZup from Elite deals and it cost about $300 a couple of years ago. It works great. I do use happifeet weights and I would always suggest putting about 50 lbs per foot.
I too got mine from Elite deals. Here's the difference with the EZ ups. Some are aluminum frames, some are aluminum & steel and the best is the steel. Flourish also sells the EZ up stabar, which are stabilizer bars that go along the bottom. As Diane suggested the most important is the weights.


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