East Cleveland, OH

Your Medium

Cloisonne enamel jewelry

Years in the Art Fair Business

Almost 19

First show ever

Art By The Falls, Chagrin Falls, OH - 1992

What is your website?


What are the best things about art fairs

Making sales! And meeting lots of great fellow exhibitors and becoming great friends...

Best show ever and why

Cherry Creek - 2005. It was the pinnacle of my show career when I had customers LINED UP at my booth to buy my work. Made all my years of hard work seem so worth it - made me feel like I "had arrived!" Haven't been able to get back in since - darn, but I keep trying. I'll drive 23 hours to do that show again, believe me!

Worst show ever and why

Where do I start? There are SO MANY, but this is the most recent...Birmingham MI Sept. show - 2008. It rained most of the day on Saturday - I made one sale. During the break in the weather, I pulled my van in and packed up and left. The weather forecasts were predicting bad storms with 35 mph winds on Sunday. We couldn't stake into the ground in the park - weights only. I was outta there...

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

Well, maybe not strange, but it was traumatic. Highland Park's Festival of Fine Craft - June 2008. A strong windstorm came through the show on Saturday afternoon and collapsed my EZ-UP canopy on top of me. Yes, I know, EZ-UP, bad, bad exhibitor. I ordered a Light Dome shortly after I got home, which I was planning to do, anyway. I had a GREAT day of sales up to that point on Saturday, before my canopy done me wrong but feeling defeated and exhausted, I packed up, left the show that afternoon and drove home on Sunday...at least I made more than enough to pay for my bright, shiny new canopy, which I LOVE....

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  • Michael, I just got accepted at Highlands Craft Fair in Philly and I saw your name on last year's artist list so I thought I'd write and ask you how you liked the show and if you sold well and if you reapplied this year. Can you give me you overall impression of the show? I will have to get there from Los Angeles, so I really want to be sure of myself before I commit.


  • Your work is incredibly beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it on this site.

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