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  • hi Mary Jo - thanks for the info about Roz show - are you doing that one? That's IL, right? Let me know how it is -- got ACC and
    Riverside, IL (Erin Melloy) for my first shows -- happy creating
  • Yes, I think that is where you do it.

    Isn't this more fun than working? :)
  • Since I don't have a personal page like you do on this site, I'm not sure how you do this. But as I look around, I see others have done it. You might query one of them. Sorry I'm not more help.
  • Is it Mary Jo? I loved your images of you working on your pottery. But I am trying to monitor the photos so that there are only four for each artist in the main gallery. You uploaded them correctly, I just edited them for the ones that I thought would show the best. I hope you don't find this offensive.

    BUT--you are welcome to have as many as you want on your own page.
  • Beautiful pottery! Thanks for joining I look forward to more of your participation here. As noted below, its a great place to waste some time.
  • Hey you!! Nothing like finding one more thing to keep us from working, eh?
  • Howdy Mary Jo~
    Thanks for adding us to your "friends" It is kind of like junior high...ugh. Next time you are on the site, look at Susie Bowman's profile. She is my dear friend from Alabama. I think she makes nice pots. She has just started doing shows. Maybe you'd be her "friend" too :)
    Have a great day! Margaret
This reply was deleted.