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  • Happy birthday, Cornelia. I hope you have a great day with lots of friends and family and good laughs. May the next year make many of your dreams come true.
  • I'm sort of new to the site also. I know that under the "members" header there is a "groups" link - There you will find different mediums to get involved in. I have seen some other Illinois artists on the site - not really sure how many, but I think that most don't post on the map. You may also try to get involved with the Chicago Artists Coalition or so other group in your area.
    As for products I use and subjects - I've developed a technique using Golden's Glazing Liquid (gloss) and a variety of lesser quality pigments to paint in a series of layers giving the acrylic paintings a great deal of depth. I try not to venture too far from my main topic of cityscapes.
  • Stay away from anything that the Chicago Special Events people are doing - They make money and really don't care about you at all - Over a grand to do the show on Wells Street, once all expenses where in.
    I do get a lot of e-mail about events that are put on by Alderman Rey Colon (reycolon.org) most are down on Division Street area ( Sort of artsy - had a show at the Black Walnut Gallery there)
    Getting the booth shot would be easier if you did a smaller show or two first - the shows that request a booth shot are ussually a little mire competative that the ones that don't.
    The wb site could go on the back burners - I find it is a good way for people to contact you after they met you at a show - but hords of people aren't out there seaching the web for art to buy!
    Good Luck!!
  • Yes I'm a down-stater, but that puts me in a good position as I'm four hours from lots of major markets ( Chicago/St Louis/Indianapolis/Des Moines/Madison). You need to post some images of your work!
    I'll be in Elmhurst May 2nd and 3rd - don't know what booth yet - If your not doing anything come check out the show!
  • Hello and welcome fellow Illinois acrylic artist !
  • Welcome to ArtFairInsiders.com, Cornelia. I'm pleased to see you here and look forward to getting to know you.

    When you have a chance, please stop by the Discussions area to introduce yourself. We all look forward to your participation here. Also visit the "member map" and add your location. We have a lot to offer one another, experienced and newbie alike. Let's make this a dynamic site!

    Best wishes,
    Connie Mettler

    p.s. The best way to make this system easy to use is to click on the "Follow-Email me" link at the bottom of each Forum discussion that interests you. That way the system will email you automatically whenever anyone responds. It's a great time-saver.
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