Englewood, FL

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Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

Allentown, Buffalo, NY, 14 years old

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What are the best things about art fairs

people, lifestyle and money

Best show ever and why

Ann Arbor, lots of money Key West Old Island Days, lots of fun

Worst show ever and why

can't remember

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

Nels Johnson

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  • Thank you, Carroll, for referring Lee Sullenberger to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Happy birthday, Carol. I hope this is just the first day of a year filled with fun, friends and funds!
  • Sure, Carroll, anyone can write a blog. The originator of the blog can be deleted by its author. I also have the power to delete content that I don't think should be on the site.

    There have been many disagreements on this site, as on any Forum, but in general things have been harmonious. I have been told by those who know about the management of these things that too much interference with the dialogue invalidates it and kills the site.

    You can imagine I have not been agreement with everything I read here!
  • Hi Carroll - what can I do for you?

    You can reply to this or my other email: connie@artfaircalendar.com
  • Welcome to ArtFairInsiders.com, Carroll. I'm pleased to see you here and look forward to getting to know you.

    When you have a chance, please add a photo to your profile and stop by the Forum to introduce yourself. I and the other members look forward to your participation here. We have a lot to offer one another, experienced and newbie alike. Let's make this a dynamic site!

    Best wishes,
    Connie Mettler

    p.s. The best way to make this system easy to use is to click on the "Follow-Email me" link at the bottom of each Forum discussion that interests you. That way the system will email you automatically whenever anyone responds. It's a great time-saver.
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