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At 11:45am on September 30, 2014, Cathy Voss said…

Thank you for the welcome Christina! I haven't had a lot of success of Etsy I am thinking of moving to another type of venue. Not a big fan of some of their recent policy changes that seem rather anti handmade to me. Do you have your own site or avenue you sell thru besides shows? Looking forward to meeting everyone and gaining some great insight! Have a wonderful day!

At 10:21am on September 30, 2014, Andre Tourrette said…

Thank you Christina!! I appreciate the welcoming!! Have a great day!

At 1:52pm on September 29, 2014, Jenn Millspaugh said…

Thanks, Christina! I'm pretty new in the world of Art Shows (this is my first full season of juried shows) so I can take all the advice you can give!! Your felted bags and hats are ADORABLE!! I hope the season is going well for you!

At 8:30am on September 29, 2014, Karen Kurta said…

Yes, I did see the post. Thank you! I've been doing a ton of research...everything seems a lot less intimidating now. Just have to get the booth together so I can photograph it and steps!

At 9:35am on September 27, 2014, Jeff DeVore said…

Hi Christina,

Thanks for the welcome. Yes Paradise does exist and it's a great place to live, in fact most people are dying to get here.

At 10:10am on September 24, 2014, Justin Mckenney said…

Hi Christina,

I do not have any shows lined up in Michigan right now for the holidays. We are doing some local shows here in New York as well as a few Art Rider shows along with The Renegade Craft Fair in both Chicago and Brooklyn. I am thinking about doing the Guilds holiday show but they have not released the dates yet.

At 9:39am on September 24, 2014, Manda Brezicky said…
Hi Christina!

Thanks for the welcome! Actually the hat was a gift from a friend/distant cousin. She found when she was unpacking from a move and thought it screamed my name. My gut was that is was from the 20s or 30s because of how some of the tulle is degrading, but I did a little research and the designer (Maison Bernhard) was actually very popular at the turn of the century, so I suspect it may have belonged to our common ancestor.
At 8:30pm on September 23, 2014, Justin Hannington said…

Hi Christina, thanks for the welcome.  I'm looking forward to being part of the community here!

At 1:48pm on September 23, 2014, Justin Mckenney said…

Hi Christina, Thanks for welcoming me! Yes, I was in Birmingham last weekend! The show was great! I look forward to seeing you in MI in the near future and will do my best to stay active here on AFI. I think it will be a good tool for us. Thanks!

At 2:08pm on September 22, 2014, Karen Kurta said…

Hi Christina! Nope, haven't booked a show yet. They're all outdoors here in Florida and they require a booth photo before they'll accept you. The tent is on order and I'm still making decisions on the rest of it, hoping to get into something in the spring.

At 11:15am on September 22, 2014, Robert Metheney said…

Thank you for you compliment on my photographs. 

I participated in an Art Fair this past Saturday as a guest of the local photography club.  The organizer had all of the photographs in a room in a building that was not on the flow of guests; thus we had only a few visitors. 

Yesterday I added up the cost of what I'd need to purchase to display my photographs at Art Fairs.  I'd have to sell 25 photographs just to break even.  While I enjoy showing my work and I am pleased to see and hear the reaction of those to see my photographs, without sales, the investment is just too much. 

Not only would I have to purchase a tent and display boards, I'd have print selected photos on canvas, which is expensive.  And how would I select which photographs to display? 

What are your thoughts on this?

At 8:20am on September 17, 2014, Judy Corwin said…

Thank you, Christina. Considering the stiff competition from other talented chainmaillers, I've been fairly pleased with Etsy. As with all things, the more effort you put forth the greater the harvest. It is a learning experience!

At 12:12pm on September 14, 2014, Cynde Hujarski said…

Hi Christina!  Thanks for the warm welcome.  Ohio/Michigan...great (lakes) areas to be from or going to.  My film jewelry is made from 35mm film negatives that have been altered in color and shape.  I'm always looking for new ways to change and manipulate the material.  Looking forward to reading, learning and sharing with everyone here.

At 12:46am on September 13, 2014, Kevin Loughran said…

Hi ,Thanks,

I don't know how this all works, never done it before, but was interested in seeing a place where craftspeople  talk about shows and issues. So whats up about finding an apprentice to learn a very viable craft from a 66 year old who is getting worn out by  35 years of making beauty out of nothing and where are they? by the way I give thanks for all that I have done and created.


At 5:44pm on September 12, 2014, Mary Hone said…

Thanks! Roxy is a pomeranian chihuahua and loves everyone she ever meets. LOL

At 10:34am on September 12, 2014, David S. Froelich said…

Thanks Christina.  We are looking forward to the whole experience.

At 6:08pm on September 11, 2014, Alanna St Laurent said…

Hi Christina, by the time I got around to apply for the Funky Ferndale it was already full, but I will be on the DIY side of the fair (east side of 9 Mile).  I will be in the Library parking lot.  If you get a chance to make it to my side of the fair, stop by!  And If I make it over your way, I will do the same!  Hope you have a successful fair (and crossing fingers for little to no rain on Saturday!).

At 3:18pm on September 11, 2014, Levent Ocal said…

Hi Christina,

thank you for the welcome. I started mostly as a panoramic photographer in 2001. Results where horrifying back then. Thanks to the Internet and youtube I got better and better. Now I teach basic photography in my hometown twice a year for free.

Just from day one I started my conversation here I got so much informations and feedback. I am amazed.   

At 9:48pm on September 10, 2014, Victor Currie said…

Thanks for the welcome Christina! This feels like a fun crowd here!

At 6:12pm on September 10, 2014, Sandi Tomer said…

Christina, Thanks for the welcome! The work I am doing with wood is both additive and reductive ... I am currently laminating high quality plywoods and then chiseling, grinding and sanding it into organic forms. I'm thinking of making some into usable objects; maybe a plant stand or an end-table ... I'm planning to build enough inventory to do maybe a couple shows a month next year in the summer months. But I will starting from the ground up. I guess my first order of business is to figure out which tent I want. After reading through a few of the threads on AFI, I realize I will also want insurance and not just an old beat  up pickup truck! :) Sandi

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