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  • That is great success, Oscar!  If they are back to back and face to face, I would simply make sure that the end pair is facing forward all the time.  Perhaps you could separate the faces with a piece of foam core for protection?  I would, as a shopper, perceive that as an effort to insure my new frame was not scratched.....

  • By the way Alan, You got a good idea how to present those 14X18 frames with not getting damage it will be a good input.

  • Alan, If you are talking about the frames. They are place face to face and back to back. Is the back or a piece of foam core. That is something I started this year . The 18X24 I started this pass month because people keep asking for those size. When started it was suppose to be just the print box and framed pieces. I still working on it and that is why I take reference photos to see what I can improve but one thing I can tell you. That box start with 25 pieces and goes home with just 10 at normal show for me.

  • Oscar, IMHO, you should never present the back of your work to the customer, as in the bin on the left....  I understand the why, but it's not a good presentation....

  • 301661642?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024This how my booth looks at the Loring park show. This is a reference image that took with my phone. This not my jury presentation but this will give you an idea about the bins placement.

  • Anne the best solution that I had see is to put all the against one of the wall. Whatever does fit in wall you are over doing. You also need to limited to two sizes or maybe 3 sizes.

  • Thanks, Anne, let us know how it goes!
  • As a photographer I really appreciate all of the critique of this picture.  I am not that cluttered but love the suggestions for displaying duplicates.  I especially like Alan Anderson's suggestion to have the duplicate price available and out of sight.  I may try that at my next Art Fair.

  • Yikes!!  Sadly, a not uncommon photography booth.

  • In this days artists tent to put more choices because the market is weird. The trick is to keep a clear balance and as Larry mention bins should be place against the walls. You will loose one or two wall pieces but your booth will look inviting or welcoming. People will spend more time with in the booth.

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