While working in my booth this past weekend at Southlake, a customer asked what the strangest thing was that I had ever seen at an art show.  My husband and I thought for a moment and concurred that it was something that occurred at a show in Austin, Texas, a couple of years ago.


I had a crowded booth and was completing a sale with a customer.  I glanced up while packaging up the purchase only to be shocked by a woman who had a certain upper body part completely exposed.  A million thoughts went through my mind at that moment.  How in the world could I alert her to her public display of a private body part without 15 other people suddenly becoming aware of the issue?  Well, I did nothing and prayed she would figure it out, or, at least move out of my booth.......


How about you all? I am sure that there is a story to top this one.....(In fact, I heard a rumor about a Park City flasher).....

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  • Oh, that reminds me...this spring in Tempe! I don't remember what it was called (probably some college thing) but there were several couples arrested Saturday morning after being found inside of several of the artists booths completing some drunken ritual from the Friday night prior! They were getting to "know" each other also!

  • One year at the Ann  Arbor Original, my husband unzipped our booth at the beginning of the day.  He was greeting by the sight of two people being Biblical, if you get my drift.  

  • I had an older woman ask me if I had a wife. I said no. The she asked me if I had a girlfriend, I said no. Then she asked me if I had a boyfriend, I said yes. She said, "well that's ok" and leaned over an kissed me. I am sure she didn't mean anything by it, but I was am still in shock. I might need therapy. lol

  • Thanks to everyone for sharing.  We all need some humor to make us laugh.  I really enjoyed all the comments.

  • Oh, nothing too weird at Southlake.  Some of us artists were comparing stories of strange things at shows.  Someone said there was a woman at Park City walking around with a very short skirt and nothing else under it and the wind was blowing her skirt up.  The artist said something to her and she said she was well aware of what she was showing to the world.  People were following her around and taking photos......yikes.


  • So I had to read three pages of comments and never did find out what happened at Southlake ... did she move on?

    Thanks for all the good stories. They were a good read. Love yours, Warren!

    I remember before we even did art fairs visiting the Ann Arbor fairs. It was the late '70's and the hippies had taken over the Diag. It was the beginning of the Guild, I believe. I had spent my life in a very conservative traditional upbringing so visiting the show and seeing this "show" of humanity was excellent. I do remember being startled when one of the exhibitors stood up and took off all his clothes and changed into something else ... of course, he was a young and handsome guy, not like some of these others you are describing.

    Now, I'm thinking maybe that is why I started doing art fairs...

  • I used to work at the Ren Fest in Michigan.  I was there for 11 years.  One day while preparing the booth I was in, a rather large man in full costume came by.  He had on regular opaque tights, no underwear, not dancer's cup, nothing.  It left nothing to the imagination.  He wandered around for a couple of hours until management found him and had him removed.  Where do these people come from?  There were little children around. Sheeesh

  • At a show in Chicago many years ago there was a guy in a speedo with a fanny pack.  There was a snake coming out of the fanny pack (yes, a large live snake) that was climbing up his torso and wrapped around his neck.  Never did figure out if there was any meaning to the fact that the snake appeared to be coming out of his crotch .

  • Wow, Warren.  I would have been shocked as well.  What a strange thing to want to make jewelry from.  I think that I would not want to remember that accident by commemorating it!

  • Gosh, Sandhi!  Dude had some hutzpah!

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